Random Road stuff…

Oh boy, this road trip is finally at an end…  My butt is draggin…

I get to go home for a whole thirty mumble hours before I have to leave again… sigh…

Main thing is everybody is going home in one piece, so I’m happy about that. A few more random pics from the road for ya.

Now you may have thought I was a little overboard about the rain in LA last week, but when I saw this thing come taxiing by, I really began to wonder!  It’s a Grumman Albatross (better known as a Coast Guard HU-16).  It is beautifully restored! 

And while we were sitting on our butts waiting for our bird to come back, I took a little walk… I call this one a Pearl amongst the Swine…

What kind of pearl one asks?  It’s a J-3 Cub with the tip mods for even shorter takeoff and landing…  It is down here from Alaska to be refurbished for next winter.  And yes, those are real Alaskan brand tires!  What that means is this little airplane cannot land on a regular runway, because it will blow the tires out, so it lands on grass or snow (or in between the runway, which is what this guy did)…  I can just see the guy in the Tower now…  “You want to land WHERE???”

And one of the traffic… This is NOT rush hour!  
You know how to tell??
The cars are more than six feet apart… sigh…

And a little humor.

A beautiful fairy appeared one day to a destitute refugee claimant outside a U.S. immigration office.

‘My good man,’ the fairy said, ‘I’ve been sent here by President Obama and told to grant you three wishes, since you just arrived in the United States with your wife and three children.’

The man told the fairy. ‘Well, where I come from we don’t have good teeth, so I want new teeth, maybe a lot of gold in them.’

The fairy looked at the man’s almost toothless grin and —

PING! — he had a brand new shining set of gold teeth in his mouth!

‘What else?’ asked the fairy, ‘two more to go.’

The refugee claimant now got bolder. & said; ‘I need a big house with a three car garage on the water, with eight bedrooms for my family and the rest of my relatives who still live in my country. I want to bring them all over here..

PING! – In the distance there could be seen a beautiful mansion with a three car garage, a long driveway, a walkout patio with a BBQ in an upscale neighborhood overlooking the bay.

‘One more wish’, said the fairy, waving her wand. ‘Yes, one more wish.

I want to be like an American with American clothes instead of these torn clothes, and a baseball cap instead of this turban. And I want to have white skin like Americans.

PING ! – The man was transformed, wearing worn out jeans, a Yankees T-shirt and a baseball cap. He had his bad teeth back and the mansion had disappeared from the horizon.

‘What happened to my new teeth?’ he wailed. ‘Where is my new house?’

The fairy said ‘Tough luck, Mac, Now that you are a White American, you have to fend for yourself.’


Random Road stuff… — 8 Comments

  1. EL- They are a ball! You can fly the Cub with the doors open and get passed by cars on the highway! Fast it isn’t, but it IS fun!

  2. The cub looks like fun… but I’d have to be the one flying it. (You know, I have control issues.) Then of course there’s the small issue of fear of heights (or more aptly named fear of falling), fear of confined spaces, jeez… I’ll just stand down here looking up… thanks for the laugh…

  3. FF- Just need to get you up there with the doors open and the wind blowing in your hair! Once you experience the beauty of flight like that, you would be wanting to go again and again!

  4. A cat climbing into a bird’s belly….. I’m pretty sure there is a law against nature in there somewhere.
    As for flying with the doors open….. are you nutz?? Blindfold me, drug me, and let me know when we land, please 😐

  5. Fuzzy- 🙂

    EL- You’d be amazed at how much you would enjoy it! Having seen an 80 yr old lady, who had never flown come back literally smiling ear to ear makes it all worth it!

  6. There’s just something about flying boats that thrills me. I used to really want a Cessna Skymaster or OV-10 Bronco, too…