Random Road stuff…

Yet AGAIN I’m sitting in a hotel room on the road… sigh…

Anyhoo- I reported in Dec on the amount of NICS checks for Nov being at an all time high. Well here’s an update!

Nov 08- 1,529,635
Dec 08- 1,523,426
Jan 09- 1,213,885

If this is any indicator, guns sales are the ONE area of the economy that is NOT in trouble… 🙂

On other fronts, ANOTHER democrat didn’t pay is taxes, but he’s going into the cabinet anyway- Kirk, former Mayor of Dallas… I’m at the point I just cannot believe this crap any more…

And Citibank has finally decided to help those behind on their mortgages- but only for 3 months and ONLY if the people bring in a sheet showing they are getting unemployment… sigh… Big Whoop… And now AIG is want more billions or they will fold-

Fine! Let the idjits fold!!! Then the bottom will fall out, the loans will go bad, and we can start back up. If they keep propping these idjits up, who knows how many BILLIONS will go down that rat hole?

A side note- I was talking to a friend in Texas today, the small local banks seem to be NOT having a problem, because they have not been forced to give subprime loans… They actually made people qualify! Gee what a novel concept!

Another POS idea coming out, is the whole enforced carbon reduction thing… India and China WILL NOT PLAY! All that will do is drive US goods prices even higher, and oh by the way, the Lightbringer’s minions have now decided we don’t pay enough for electricity! They are going to force prices up so that Solar, et al become the preferred alternatives!!! WTFO?

On a positive note- GUN NUTS tonight! 9pm EST- Tonight will be a discussion/presentation by Blackfork on the Battle of the Alamo. Having followed Robert’s blogging of the daily events, I’m looking forward to it!


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  1. The numbers would probably be even higher if people could find guns to buy. My local shop/range is about out of everything, and is having a hard time getting more. They don’t price-gouge, so their sales are usually brisk anyway, but the manager told me the other day they were selling FOUR times as many, and could have done better if he would have stocked more. The owner didn’t want to “tie up money in inventory”, and now she’s kicking her hindquaters up to her shoulders.

  2. Hubby KY LONG RIDER is constantly on the road with his job…….. I see him 3 days a week IF I am lucky……..But it is healthy for a marriage but not healthy for a person. We have MANY friends that are pilots both with commercial airlines and with Fedex etc………The schedule is rough and it sucks……….. So i hear ya on that one.

    The electricity thing is something we have been banging around here on the farm…….. Part of getting “off the grid”. He is going to tax the shit out of everything and raise prices on anything he can……….. Most of our electricity still comes from COAL. Alot of people who are not in coal mining area’s don’t get that. I grew up on coal. Feeding the furnace in my grandmothers basement. My husband worked as a rigger in a strip mine……… Most of AmeriKa doesnt get it. We have a gorgeous view of the Ohio River, and all you see are coal barges going up and down.

    Of course Obama is going to raise it, it is one of KY, WV, Pa, Va, industries. Hit the southern states and make them pay!!!!

    I am going to watch your gun nut thing tonight, thanks for the heads up……..

    As I was once a broker on wall street, I am always searching for a good buy in or portfolio that is dwindling, it was suppose to be our retirement fund…………Well Obama got in and that was that. I have been saying for a year now, BUY gun stocks, they will make you money. Buy guns because HE will take them away………….

    Thanks for another great blog.


    Word verification was flyrat.. lmaooooo wtf is with that?

  3. Drjim- She is not the only one… and yes, there are a lot of people still looking/buying!

    CPD- Excellent points! And yes, their goal is to make the South/flyover country pay! Re Gun Nuts, I couldn’t even log in because the %^&* Internet in the hotel died! ARGGHHHHH!!!!