Happy Easter…

I’d like to wish each and every one a Happy Easter! Hopefully you find ALL the eggs that were hidden… πŸ™‚

On a positive note- Yea Navy! Good shooting by the SEALS on Bainbridge!!! It took retired Gen Jones, now the National Security Advisor to give the new administration the balls to carry out the rescue, and it went down with no problems on our end. Three tangos down with three shots “should” give those assholes pause about trying to take another US ship/crew…

Senators McCain and Graham were in Yokosuka getting briefs Saturday morning, and I have to believe they weighed in on making this happen…


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  1. Let’s try this again without all the typos.
    Happy Easter to you also.
    I’m glad they got the Captain back alive, but I’m even more happy that 3 pieces of scum were removed from the face of the Earth.

  2. Indiana State Police stopped and ticketed 2 Chicago police officers, even though they explained that both cars were on their way to the Pittsburgh memorial service for 3 fallen officers. these are the same officers who drove 38 hours out to Oakland for the 4 fallen police officers funeral.. any comments

  3. Happy Easter sweetie………..

    I read this and thought of you………….. GO SEALS is RIGHT!!!! OMG are they HEROES…….. And on EASTER no less………….

    God Bless America!!!!!!! Hope you are not traveling at this time.

  4. To City Copper,

    I worked almost a full year at Ground Zero…… I was heading back to NYC for a dinner and a memorial on 08sep02, and was stopped by Indiana State Troopers………… I told them why I was speeding, “we were late because one of our cops were shot the night before, and we spent the whole night in the hospital with her”.

    They saw no mercy, no sympathy and wrote me anyway………….INDIANA TROOPERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    After such a tragedy like 9/11, Oakland, Pittsburg, all these morons think of is writing another cop…………… It makes me sick they wear the same uniform as me. And yes, if something happened to them and if they were calling for back up I would still go, it is principals before personalities.

    Stay Safe.

  5. 25-30 yards off the fantail. Hell. We could have shot em from there, and I’m not even a spaniel, much less a seal!

    To the police who are chatting about getting tickets….how about this: one set of laws for everyone, whether they have a badge or not, uniformly enforced, no wave offs even for politicians, heroes, blondes, et, et. Everyone equal before the law. Too crazy for you?

  6. ADM/EL- AGREED!!!

    City- That just proves there is no longer a brotherhood among LEOs… sigh…

    CPD- I was in Japan until Sat, now leaving for Texas… sigh…
    And I agree with your comments to City.

    Robert- there was some bobbing and weaving, and the need for simultaneous shots on all three. Not “really” hard, but not too easy either. They did good, regardless!

  7. Happy belated Easter to you!

    And yes, that rescue is awesome. I hear that the pirates are threatening retaliation, but we all know that they are going to try to attack another ship anyway one of these days. Pirates= scumbags.

  8. Robert,

    You and 2 friends lay on a seesaw.
    We’ll move it up and down.

    30 yards away we’ll put 3 grapefruits on a different size seesaw and move it up and down.

    Remember if you screw up, no do over. You don’t get to call the shot. Somebody tells you to when to take it. Maybe you wait 1 minute, maybe ten. One shot, cold barrel probably from a SBR.

    I took a carbine class from Trident Concepts and there were some SEALS in the class on their own dime. Very impressive shooters.
    Not just accurate, but fast and accurate.

    I think we’ll run that senario in our next carbine match. You should give it a try down in Texas.


  9. I had a friend who used to shoot skeet from a boat. He said he made it more sporting. Did quite well too from what I remember. A rifle on the other hand is an order of magnitude more difficult.

  10. Elm- Same to ya!

    Gerry- It’s not easy, no question.

    Crucis- Point, but there was no ‘issue’ if he missed- There was a significant issue if these guys missed.