Drive by Blogmeet…

It was a pleasure to finally meet Snigs’ clan and J.R. Shirley today. We did an impromptu blogmeet (kinda, sorta) for lunch over in Augusta, GA. Once again I was impressed with the folks in real life, as they ALL are down to earth and VERY sharp! Snigs’ kids were probably the nicest most polite kids, and the quietest I have seen in oh, forty forevers… Of course, something about if they got out of line they were dead meat “might” have had something to do with it… Or maybe not ☺

J.R. has my admiration, simply because he teaches school- I couldn’t do that, at least not without ending up under the jail because I’d have smacked one of the back talking little twerps… J.R. did admit it wasn’t easy, but he hung in there! Now he’s on to bigger and better things.

J.R. has an interesting background, and is a shooter too! We also found out we know people in common (cue small world music)! Snigs piped up that we probably know people in common, as she was raised over in Covington, GA where some of my relatives are…

J.R. related the story of the threat made by one of his students that he posted about, and Snigs’ hubby James made an interesting observation, since he works for GA Dept of Corrections, and I think he’s right when he said he’d probably be seeing “most” of them in the near future…

It’s no wonder Snigs does as well as she does in school, she reminds me of the ol’ Steel Magnolia… All Southern sweetness and light on the outside, real pretty, but solid steel underneath, and NO qualms about doing what is right, regardless of what is going on around her. If she’s not the top graduate out of nursing school, it sure wont be for lack of effort!

I think we solved the world’s problems at least once or twice, talked guns, travel, guns, school, guns, kids, snakes, idiots… well you get the drift ☺

I had to bail early, as the Maytag man was meeting me at my place to install a new microwave (yes they DO make service calls, of course in this case, it helps that he’s a friend and I bought the original one from him in 1994…), even on a Sunday; this is because I have to go back tomorrow.

Hopefully we can do this again in the future and actually get a little shootin in too!

Seagull, Unix-Jedi, y’all missed a good one!

I really shudder to think what would happen if Snigs, Holly, Phlegmmy and Farm Girl ever get together… We’re ALL in trouble… ☺

Hell, if you throw in Alison, Breda, Brigid, CPDcopurr and Tam, they’d rule the world!!!


Drive by Blogmeet… — 11 Comments

  1. It was excellent. Sorry you didn’t have more time~ next time.

    Let me know how you like the hot sauce, and thanks VERY much for the coffee!


  2. Awe shucks. Why shugah, I just turned 7 shades of red reading that.

    As to the kids- I only said 5 words to them- “You know what I expect.”. I asked them both what they thought of you guys and both said they liked y’all. Molly felt bad about JR’s teaching experience and assured me *she* would have learned in his class. She is a bit of a history buff already.

    Both you guys are awesome in my opinion and I can’t wait for a next time!

    (Totally unrelated but I love the word verification- flyncis. You sure you don’t have some control over that, NFO? 😛 )

  3. Huh, very good and not too far from where I grew up from,a small town just south of Augusta.

    It is also nice to meet fellow bloggers face to face sometimes.

  4. CS- By the time I remembered you were “close” I was already there… sorry…

    MB- I’ll get back to Dallas in the future and it would be a pleasure!

    Jay- Yeah, but we didn’t get to SHOOT anything… other than the breeze that is… 🙂

    RT- Mee toooo!

    Skul- Thanks!

  5. Mrs. TOTWTYTR is a high school teacher. How she does it without killing any of her “students” I don’t know. From what she tells me, she is more referee and baby sitter than educator. Not that she doesn’t try.

    She jokes that the school should have a “Future Felons Club”, as well as a “Future Hookers Club”, but it’s no joke as some of the students in her school have been arrested several times and one or two have done some time. Since the school has to allow them to stay until they are 22, we have the prospect of men that are 20 or 21 “dating” 14 and 15 year old girls. You can see where that leads.

    Doomed, I tell you, we’re doomed.

    Having met Old NFO and counting MB as a friend, I want video of that meeting!

  6. TOTWTYTR- I have only the highest praise for ANYONE who teaches today… Why do you think MB and I won’t get along? We’ve already had some good chats! 🙂