What the Frack???

The Lightbringer is NOW “proud” of his Muslim heritage as he goes to apologize once again (kiss ass) to the Middle Eastern Countries??? Ah… didn’t he spend the ENTIRE campaign saying he was NOT a Muslim and was a Christian???

Now we have THIS quote from a senior administration official yesterday, after they finally admitted they have been emphasizing “certain elements” of the Lightbringer’s background- “The background is appropriate in this speech, it partially opens the door to dialogue. I don’t think there’s any question he has a unique background that has value.”

And in an interview on French TV, the Lightbringer said the “US is one of the most populous Muslim Countries”??? Somebody needs to learn how to fact check… Only THREE countries have lower populations than our 2%, Brazil, Argentina and Australia! Here’s the reference

Another concern, what is the speech he is giving in Egypt, with specific invites sent to Muslim Brotherhood, going to do to relations with Israel? Especially since Hamas was started by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987 after the first Intifada and, as we all know, is rather violent??? Here’s the reference

One thing’s for damn sure- There won’t be any “truth” told in any of these speeches by the Lightbringer! The only dynamic is going to be negative for the USA!

In other notes- I made the mistake of going out to dinner with some Japanese Officers the other night. My ONLY excuse was I was tired from flying in, and just didn’t think that one through… Or at least far enough through to realize I was about to do something REALLY dumb…

We went out to a nice Japanese restaurant (everybody paid a portion of the bill), and I let them order for everybody (mistake #1), I didn’t pay a lot of attention to what was delivered and the descriptions (mistake #2, and not being fluent in Japanese didn’t help), and not being a little more forceful in asking what we were eating (mistake #3, I didn’t want to offend).

What, you may ask, has me even talking about it? How about horse meat and chicken liver sashimi, with horse fat ‘cheese’ accompaniments? Now remember sashimi means raw!!!

Hell I don’t even like COOKED horse meat, I don’t care how many French sauces you pour over it…

I managed to choke down enough to be polite, then excused myself as soon as I could pleading tiredness. I found a Mickey D’s on the way back and at least got something recognizable to eat…

And crashed, and woke up at 0330 and couldn’t get back to sleep… sigh…

Travel is SO much fun… NOT…


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  1. NFO, you are correct. Bravo Oscar did everything he could during the campaign to disavow his time in Indonesia in a Muslim school.

    Man, don’t you know better than to go out the Japanese when they are on expense account? That’s the first lesson a gaigin learns in Nihon.

    And re: Midway. I lived for 2 years in Hiroshima. I went to the Smithsonian to see the Enola Gay. I met Gen Tibbets at a book signing in NOLa. I got the same feeling you did each time.

  2. As far as the horsemeat goes, I would have had to, as politely as possible, say “I’m sorry, I can’t eat this. I train horses, I can’t eat my friends.”

    But then, I have that excuse. And would hopefully have a translator since my Japanese is non-existent.

    And, politely saying “oh wow, no thank you” is more polite than vomiting on one of them when I found out what it was….

  3. Does anyone else get the impression BO never expected to be elected and now hasn’t a clue how to do the job? Then teaming up with the clueless French President to slight the only living Head of State WWII veteran at the D-Day ceremony? Forget his politics, the guy is flat assed incompetent! (And his polotics stink)

  4. I remember once, in a similar situation, I was served Kimchee. That was an experience I haven’t forgotten to this day.

  5. PE- Yep, my ONLY excuse is I was tired! Heard that on the feelings…

    FG- It wasn’t till AFTERWARD that I found out what was “dinner”, and yeah, I came close…sigh…

    WSF- Agreed, he is useless, we need to vote him out in 2012 as a failed 1 term pres.

    Crucis- I’ve had to eat kimchee in self defense before, and yeah, THAT was an experience!

    Earl- point! 🙂

  6. We spent some time in China and Japan. I hated Japan as did hubby. Rude obnoxious little bastards is all I can say.

    French again, rude little bastards. I only want to go back to France for a few reasons, I want to see Normandy, I want to go to a Catholic Shrine and that is it. Other then that I will never return.

    The only thing good I can say is my hubby took me to Japan for a date night for sushi.

  7. Oh and PS………………….. If America didn’t figure out they we were lied to, that Obama wasn’t a Muslim, well I hope they woke the frack up now.