I’m stuck at work, waiting on phone calls and emails, not necessarily in that order…

Missing the 9-12/Tea Party on the Mall, bored to tears… Only internet for “play” and that is slow as hell…

A couple of additional pics from Japan for y’all.

This is the ADM Burke O Club at Yoko, they are doing some work around the front to remove a driveway and upgrade the parking. No bid deal, right?

Not so fast, they have taken pictures of the rock garden, and numbered the rocks, so they can replace them in EXACTLY the same position… Gotta admire the Japanese work ethic!!!

And this is a 21 car parking “garage” that is one car deep behind an apartment building just outside the gate…

Now if you count, you’ll note 24 ‘holes’; That is so that the cars on the lower levels can be mechanically moved back and forth to allow the cars above them to be lowered to the road…

It takes about 5 minutes to ‘shuffle’ the cars for a top rack car to actually make it to the ground, but it was interesting to watch while I was drinking my coffee in the mornings…

Sigh… It’s the ‘little’ things…

I REALLY wanted to make it to the mall, and from the Fox site, looks like the turnout is MUCH larger than expected! I hope Turk, Newbius and the others are having fun down there…

I expect good posts from them tonight (hint, hint)!

Oh yeah, one more thing- Georgia Bulldogs will wear a patch honoring the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (who are currently deployed to Afganistan) tonight when they play the South Carolina Gamecocks… Funny thing is, my friend who is an ETT team lead for them is from Columbia, and a USC Grad… That oughta make things interesting in the team hut tonight… 🙂


ARRRGGGHHHH!!! — 13 Comments

  1. Bummer you’re stuck at work.
    Wish I could have gone, but I’m watching my finances closely these days.

  2. I’m not actively looking right now. Monday we go into a conference with the mother company, and I *think* we’ll get our “60-day notice” then, but the email didn’t specifically state that.
    My former employer has openings, and one of the Engineers I used to work checked with HR, and I’m NOT tagged as “No Rehire”, so I’ll probably go back there. I left on very good terms, and while they were sad to see me leave, when they found out where I was going, and what I’d be doing, they were like “WOW!”.
    After the 60 days is up, and I’m no longer bound by that employer, I’ll blog some of my exploits. 😉

  3. As to the 21 car garage, it made me think of those little plastic games where you slide the tiles around until the picture is perfect.

    Unrelated, I hope UGA kicks some SC butt this evening. 😉

  4. Drjim- I “thought” I remembered you were in a holding pattern. Good luck!

    Snigs- THHHHBBBBTTT !!!!

  5. WSF- Isn’t it though… ‘tens’ of thousands, my ass!

    Snigs- Okay y’all won… by the skin of your teeth, and on the last play.

  6. They’re not “my” team per say. I would have graduated from UGA, but I was “in love” and quit. Sigh.

    Oh, and a win is a win, tooth skin or not. 😀

    Have a great week!

  7. I saw ZERO about the Tea Parties on my local news and near ZERO on the national news. I really cant stand the unbelievably scewed news coverage. ::pukes::

  8. Snigs- Yeah, yeah…

    Peedee- Welcome to the “new” mainstream… Only what the administration wants to print. Kinda like Pravda in the old days under the USSR.

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