The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

Well, THAT week is over…

The Good-

A three bedroom beach house on Kauai…
The view from the porch… and somebody was sitting in MY chair…
The Bad-

Nobody to share it with…

The Ugly-

We were going in to work at 0430, getting done at 1900, and the ONLY time I got to see the beach was on the ‘teaser’ camera in the Ops Center. We got to watch the sun come up, the surf roll in, and the sun go down, and we NEVER got to the beach in daylight! Sigh…

And if I coulda found that @#%^ rooster that was lighting off at 0330 that sumbitch would have been chicken stew for dinner…

The techs did take pity on us Saturday night and brought in Kauai pig, which is MUCH better that Kailua pig 🙂

On a side not- Is it just me, or my perceptions, or is it reality that the Jaw Clinchers from BAASTON are just died in the wool assholes???

Last night we went to a restaurant in Waimea to have a sit down dinner, there was a table full of these vacationing BAASTON idjits the next table over, and all the women could do was bitch about the service (Why baach home these people couldn’t GET a job, they are so lazy), the way the Hawaiians were dressed (These are some of the SLOPPIEST people I’ve evah seen), etc. loud enough for half the restaurant to hear. The poor little waitress was just about in tears, and I finally got tired of their BS…

I unloaded on the three women and one man to the effect that they weren’t in BAASTON, they were annoying the hell out of us, and why didn’t they shut the hell up and/or leave, as they were putting us off our feed (in an exaggerated Texas drawl)…

And they DID!!!! 🙂

Sigh… If you are THAT @#&* uptight, whyinhelldon’tyajustSTAYHOME???

Speaking of which, two more days and I get to go home! YEA!!!


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… — 25 Comments

  1. HAH!
    Thanks for doing what many of us have wanted to do over the years.
    The closest I came to doing something like that was a few years ago. A buddy of mine had a friend from New Yawk out visiting SoCal. All the guy did was biatch about no good delis, too hot, too crowded, blah,blah, blah.
    Several of us got on him at dinner one night and told him if he loved New Yawk so much….HE SHOULD GO BACK.
    He left two days early, biatching about hoe Californians weren’t friendly….

  2. GOD BLESS TEXANS! I enjoyed my vacation to the island. It rained a lot, but the people were enjoyable and the women beautiful, and the waterfalls wonderful. I hope you do get to enjoy a bit of the locals before you leave.

  3. I am almost from Baahstan, Cape Cod is pretty darn close, I take offense that you lumped us all together! I LOVE VACATION wherever it may be!! And If i EVA get the opportunity to visit the Islands, rest assured, no bad words will pass my lips unless it’s to say I am having the best effing time!! ( really, some of us aren’t rude!)

  4. drjim- If I hadn’t been as tired as I was, Id have probably been a little politer…

    Tex- All too true, but it was a working trip, so dinner was it.

    Gia- No offense, but you are NOT from Boston, they were and were pushing that fact… And reading your blog it’s obvious you love the outdoors and ‘adventures’ where ever they may be. These turkeys should NEVER have left their precious Boston…

  5. I’ve personally met Gia and had breakfast at a restaurant with her when she visited Florida. And your right NFO, she’s not like Baahston people at all.

    My kid was in Boston for the first time visitin my sister over 4th of July and her only complaint….the people were uptight assholes. (her exact words).

  6. Something must have changed in the 30+ years since I left home in Baastan. Yes, I am a Baastan-er, grew up there, but not originally from there.
    Anyway, I hope you realize that we’re not all like that. They must have been from Back Bay or some other rich-bitch enclave.
    Having been 20 years Army, one learns to enjoy what ever one has, where ever one is. After all, it’s THEIR neighborhood, we’re just visitors.
    And I’ve spent 4 years stationed in Hawaii. When I went there, people told me I’d go “rock crazy” after about a year. Silly them! I enjoyed myself so much, I didn’t get “the fever” until it was almost time for me to leave.

    B Woodman
    SSG (Ret) US Army

  7. Ah. And OldNFO has a run-in with a Brahmin. A Bahstin Brahmin. Bluest of the blue-bloods.

    Don’t be too angry with them, NFO. Remember, they’re so inbred these days that their families trees no longer branch…

  8. Im surprised the whiners didn’t threaten to sue you for bruising their tender egos.


  9. Jim- after living in SW Florida for 9 years I never got so sick of hearing, “we did it like this back home’. Well get the you know what–back-
    I have never seen so moody people in my life. I have some good friends from Boston and NY, but only after I gave them a good dose of southerner I don’t give a shit attitude—- and Texas Style BBQ-

  10. peedee- See, it’s not just me 🙂

    BW/Jay- You and Jay agree, they may have been an anonomly, but then again…

    WSF What can I say… I’m one of the little people too…

    PE- Figures… Re the bow wow luau, that is actually MUCH more expensive, since dog is a delicacy!

    Skul- Good point… 🙂

  11. LMAOOOOOOOO … that one had me laughing……..

    The house looked great. Sorry you were alone and couldnt enjoy it with anyone. I would have kicked the guy out of the chair but thats just me…..

    And to the Bostonian Moronians GOOD FOR YOU. I would have done the same thing.

    I am a native New YAWKER and am simply disgusted when I go home and see how friends and family act in restaurants. It embarrasses me. They have said I spent too much time as a cop, and am way to tolerant. Well yes I am tolerant, I do understand having a bad day, not being the brightest bulb in the room or being at my limit or capacity. I further explained that maybe this is the servers second or third job, so they can put food on their own table and they are dog tired and not as fortunate as some OTHERS.

    I even had to shut my sister inlaw up the queen of “southern belles” when she was snapping her fingers a at a waiter in KY. After she did it I played a little trick on her, I said something in a low voice, TWICE, she didn’t hear me, then i snapped my fingers in her face 3 times and said, “could you pass the bread”. Her face went beet red and she behaved the rest of the night… So bravo for you!!! And pass the Poi!

  12. Ahhh, good on ya!

    I had tables next to drunks, screaming babies, spoiled kids and amorous “newly” weds. I’ve been fortunate to never have had a table next to congenital assholes.

    But, I don’t travel near as much as I once did. Maybe it’s just the times.

  13. On behalf of the BAAHSTON non idjits, I’d like to apologize for the idjits.

    Mrs. TOTWTYTR and I found Hawaii delightful and the Hawaiians we met charming, courteous, and friendly.

    The service was casual, but not bad. Since we were on vacation, we were casual as well.

    The food was generally very good.

    Some day, I’d like to go back, but since it took us 30 years to be able to go, I’m not sure that will happen.

  14. I, too, watch the sun rise on the way to work, and I often leave work when it is dark. Makes you feel very detached from the “real” world, sometimes.

    I’m glad you stood up and said something to the Beantown buttheads. I guess they didn’t get the memo stating that the Northeast is actually in the minority when it comes to treating people like crap just for breathing. That’s why I like to travel outside of my locale. Folks are more easy going and friendly. New Jersey isn’t much different from the folks in Boston.

  15. TOTW- Understood, and yeah ‘casual is a good way to put it!! 😉

    RT- Agreed! You do lose touch with the ‘normal’ people.

  16. I’ve had experience with Baltimorean women who are very much like this. Unfortunately, I was dining WITH them, and was too embarrassed/intimidated to say anything. Good for you for speaking up and giving them the verbal smackdown they so obviously desperately needed.

    Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy your stay more.

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