I was wrong…

I said a Senator could be bought for $100 million…

Landrieu walked onto the Senate floor mid afternoon Saturday to announce her aye vote — and to trumpet the financial “fix” she had arranged for Louisiana. “I am not going to be defensive,” she declared. “And it’s not a $100 million fix. It’s a $300 million fix.”

Now I wonder what we will ‘pay’ for Blanche Lincoln’s vote… This is as bad as athletes, all have to get paid more than the one before them! Will her final price be $400M, or $600M? All I know is that I REALLY don’t want for myself, my children, and my grandchild to have to pay the bill!

It has become obvious to me, these people really don’t care about us; all they care about is power, and how they can get more!

Anybody wanna bet there won’t be ANY ‘town hall’ meetings during this recess??? Hmmm???

I will categorically state here and now, I will do everything legal within my power to see that NONE of these sleazebags get re-elected in 2010!

It is long past time for we the people to stand up for OUR rights, and I believe the ONLY way we can do that is to vote each and every one of these turkeys out next year!!!

I also believe we need a Constitutional Amendment limiting congresscritters to two terms, AND making them come under ANY legislation they pass, no exemptions, no excuses. If there is no COLA raise for military or retirees, then THEY don’t get a raise either. IF the military or retirees gets a 2.1% raise, that is what they get.

Also I would do away with “retirement” pay for serving in congress. It should be a PRIVILEGE to serve, not a way to set one’s self up for life!

Oh by the way, how come if this gets passed, the taxing, etc. starts next year, but there are no “changes” to coverage requirements till 2014??? And since the dems pushed through the $200B payments to doctors for Medicare this year (by a close vote last week), why is THAT money not calculated?

And how do they propose to add at least 6 million to the insurance rolls, and cut funding to Medicare/Medicaid? And where are all the ‘extra’ doctors going to come from to treat all the new patients (especially since it takes average of EIGHT years to become a doctor)?

Just askin…


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  1. Great questions, now if we can get the answers. My dad used to say the same thing about the terms a congressman, senator, and a president could serve. If a president is limited to two terms, that is the way they all should be.

    I wonder if Harry Reid would send us some money?

  2. My congressman is on the House committee that oversaw the “Health Reform”. I would love to vote for a GOP candidate if qualified and not someone who can only attack the incumbent; not offering workable solutions.

    At least in this state, the GOP has been putting up candidates with ties to long term financial dealings that can’t pass the smell test.

    I agree with all your points, term limits, no pensions, use what you pass for the general public, etc.

  3. Well-Seasoned Fool wrote:

    “I would love to vote for a GOP candidate if qualified and not someone who can only attack the incumbent; not offering workable solutions.”

    This is the biggest problem I have with the liberal leftwigs. They write their “policy” and floor it … when they are questioned about possible flaws or costs, they lash out on a personal level. These kinds of people have led me to believe that the liberals really have nothing. No reasonable arguments, no real answers … just name-calling rhetoric.

    On the subject of representation vs. how much money they can make, this is one of the biggest arguments in favor of a Constitutional Convention. In order to recover the country, we must first re-align the congress and re-define what representation actually means, according to the Constitution.

  4. I think you are trying to rile me, and about 200 million other Americans, and all you do is point at this terrible crime against us.

  5. I’ve tried to do my part by voting against Mary for her last two elections.

    Here’s a prediction –

    She is in office for 5 more years and I predict she will not run again. Therefore, she will consider herself to be bullet proof and will do whatever the hell she wants. She is going to vote for this monstrosity of a bill.

  6. Amen! Vote for no dems and no RINOs either. RINOs are just a bad. Here near KC, a dem Congressman is calling it quits after six terms. He’s in a district that’s usually republican. But the RINOs voted for him. Once in, he voted with the Yellow Dogs.

    It’s a good start.

  7. Linda- I ‘wish’ we could get straight answers, but that ain’t gonna happen…

    WSF- yeah, I know…

    RWL- Agreed!

    Earl- if 200M of us get pissed, they WILL listen!

    Fuzzy- Yes it is, the question is, will America answer?


    DiMw- yep, more ammo and cleaning guns now…

    Crucis- Maybe y’all can get a real Republican!

  8. We can say one thing for Mary Landrieu, she doesn’t come cheap, perhaps the most expensive bride every given in American history. A record she should be ashame of, but she will only say its for the good of the people in her state. Putting aside the fact that this vote will cost the state government there billions in the years to come—money they do not have. First time visitor, good looking site.