Congratulations Mr. President…

You wanted a losing war, and now you have one…

That little speech you gave at West Point guaranteed it!

When you give the enemy your ENTIRE plan, laid out step by step, you have given them all they need to win…

The FIRST rule of warfare is security, but no… The number of troops, when they will deploy, WHEN THEY WILL LEAVE… sigh…

We have boots on the ground NOW that need support- not in six or nine months. These are OUR sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends. YOU put Gen. McChrystal in there as YOUR man in the field, and now you have tied his hands in such a way that I will not be surprised if he retires, rather than try to win in an unwinnable situation. I just cannot believe SecDef Gates, ADM Mullen, or GEN Petraus agreed with putting an end date in that speech…

And the congresscritters saying they are going to ‘fight’ the funding to prevent deployment…

I’ve got an idea- Since we are embedding media, how about this?

Embed congresscritters!

Take 50 a month (10 senators, 40 congresspeople) put them in front line units for 30 days at a time, spread around amongst the troops in theater! In ten months we could cycle through the whole congress and senate! Just think, then EACH congresscritter would have real world experience at down and dirty warfare, would know the privations the troops experience (no fancy jets, no luxury suites, no five star food, no staff of butt imps), and have a MUCH better understanding of what the military does!

After that, we could start on the Administration, then Justice, then State…

Oh yeah, and Chris Matthews- Your little ‘enemy camp’ remark is an insult to EVERY military member living and dead; past, present and future! If I were you, I’d be really careful about attending anything with a military presence, somebody is liable to punch your lights out or worse…

I would boycott your sleazy ass, but I don’t listen to you or PMSNBC anyway…


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  1. When the Schumer finally hits the fan, remember that Clinton’s rules of engagement are in effect…

  2. Hey at least your guy is prepared to support the forces, provide suitable and sufficient equipment and at least man up and go for a positive aggressive response. Our British Government talks big and just cuts back the forces in the middle of a war.

    2 options all in or all out. No half measures.

  3. Totally agree, sir! And to think that oblama’s attitude toward military members has spread among his disciples. John hit it on the nose. Total commitment to victory is the only way to win a war. Everything else is Vietnam-style politics as usual.

    The more I hear rhetoric and liberal wash from these ridiculous congressmen, the more I’d like to see a total restructuring of the Capitol.

  4. One thing we can count on: whatever comes out of President Pitiful’s mouth will drive one more nail into our coffin. The entire world is laughing at him and he’s too self absorbed to notice. We’re not laughing, though, and someday he’ll come to realize it’s not about him; it’s about us, and it’s about the brave men and women who signed up to defend the Constitution.

    As for Chris Tingle: no surprise there. I Believe his credibility has taken a long walk.



  5. The instrument of “punch your lights out” could be a 7mm Rem Mag ands good sighting device!

  6. Well done NFO!

    That would be one hell of a way to get the al-senate and viet-congress involved.

    Chris Matthews really does not know how good he has it.

  7. Maybe Chris Tingler should read Mike’s “Absolved”, chapter “Nemesis”.

    B Woodman

  8. NFO, I could not have said it better. Good on ya!

    As much as I disliked McCain, at least he would never had done this. He knew better.

  9. New- I truly hope not.

    John- I’m sorry to hear that, it’s definitely NOT a change for the better.

    Top- πŸ™‚

    RWL/Granny- Agreed!

    Gramps- No, then they’d call him a maryter for the left… Missing a few teeth would be MUCH more meaningful!

    ADM/BW- Agreed

    DiMw- depends on the ROE in place.

    WSF- me too

    Crucis- thanks

  10. You guys just disappointed that the cadets at West Point didn’t provide the coup you so desire. It’s okay for soldiers to kill soldiers if it’s for your cause, rather than the Fort Hood thing.

    Dinks on the right! Dinks on the right!

  11. NFO,

    Got here from MArooned. Good stuff, I will be adding you to my blogroll.

    Random Acts of Patriotism

  12. Wyatt/RT/NJT- thanks

    Fuzzy- I truly hope not… sigh…

    ASM- Thank you sir, I’ve returned the favor!

  13. obammy, schumer, pelosi, reid, boxer, cuntwell, murray, feinstein, holder, matthews, olbermann, cooper and that worthless lezzie cunt madcow. I got something for all of you. And it is not inanimate but my fists and my steel toed boots.

  14. How very heroic of you Old Petty punching out 70 year old women. I certainly wouldn’t want to meet you on the street, I’m 70 too. Fortunately for you not many sane people will ever read your treasonous remarks.

  15. Old NFO I have been saying that for a while now – we give way too much information away to the public and to the “enemy”. Great post!

  16. You guys just disappointed that the cadets at West Point didn’t provide the coup you so desire. It’s okay for soldiers to kill soldiers if it’s for your cause, rather than the Fort Hood thing.