It’s So Cold… — 17 Comments

  1. My son is responsible for getting all the school buses running. They aren’t having school today, and maybe not tomorrow. -15 today, -18 tomorrow. BRRRRRRR…..\

    Of course, my son is at work. He’s just that kind of guy. Love ‘im.

  2. Glad y’all like it, and yes it’s been that cold in DC too. Re the Gov quitting, a rash of announcements today; including Chris Dodd!

  3. Their quiting is for two reasons only.
    To “save face”,
    and give a Dem a chance to win.

    Any blather in regards to persuing other interests will be nothing but BS.

    I’d rather they run and loose their collective butts.


  4. Good one!

    We’ve reached our high this week—18. Almost warm enough for the salt on my driveway to work. We have 12″ of snow on the ground thats accumulated since Christmas Eve. It’s snowing again and we’re forecasted to get another 4-6″ by tomorrow afternoon. I have my own private glacier building in my back yard.

    Where’s that Globull Worming when we need it?