A strange little meme…

Got this from William over at The Coroner’s Forensic Files.

1. Pick three US Civil War generals to fight by your side in the Zombie Apocalypse.

2. Same, but WWII generals.

3. Same, but US Presidents.

4. Same, but actors (living or dead)

5. Same, but writers.

6. Same, but rock musicians.

7. Same, but fictional characters.

My picks???

For Civil War generals: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and John Mosby (The Grey Ghost)

WWII generals: Omar Bradley, Chester Nimitz, and Halsey (yeah, yeah, they’re Admirals, but they were GOOD!)

US Presidents: Ronald Reagan, Dwight David Eisenhower , Theodore Roosevelt.

Actors: David Niven, James Stewart, Lee Marvin.

Writers: Rudyard Kipling, Col Jeff Cooper, Elmer Keith.

Rock Musicians: Ted Nugent, ?, ? (I’m afraid most of them would go to the other side willingly…)

Fictional characters: Jack Ryan, Bob Lee Swagger, Harry Dresden.


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  1. I like your picks, but I think I’d pick Obama as one of the presidents…where I could throw him to the zombies to eat as a diversionary tactic. 😉

  2. I’m Canadian, so I don’t know anything about your civil war and your generals, but for fictional characters… Jack Ryan? I think you’d be better served with say Jack Bauer.

    And I would want Charleston Heston at my side…hopefully he comes with his war room!

  3. May I suggest James Hetfield of Metallica fame as one of your Questionmarks in the Rock Musician slot?
    He’s an avid huter and opposing gun control, so I think he could be a usefull assett in that scenario

  4. David Niven?
    Guns of Navarone aside (where he was not resolute) and Casino Royale (the spoof), I’m not sure I get that.
    Of course, he did actually serve.
    How about Toshiro Mifune (glad you didn’t say Hollywood)?

  5. Good but I would

    Delete Mosby add N. B. Forrest,
    Delete Reagan, add Andy Jackson
    Delete Niven add Audey Murphy (cheater)
    Delete, Keith add Robert Ruark
    Add Elvis just for fun
    Delete Ryan add Jack Reacher (Lee Child)

    Do like using BO for soaking up initial causalties!


  6. Snigs/Rick- That’ll work… I didn’t go down that rabbit hole though 🙂

    Dani- I picked Ryan because he’s a survivor… Good point on Heston

    Anon- Thanks!

    Ed- Niven was actually one hellva good shot. Mifune would be another good one, but honestly, I couldn’t remember his name last night… sigh…

    ORPO- That works… 🙂

  7. I know I’d want Owen Zastava Pitt {Monster Hunter International, Larry Correia} as one of my fictional characters ……………………. 😉

    Semper Fi’

  8. I’ll pick the same three from your civil war picks

    Patton, MacArthur, Rommel

    Reagan, Truman, Eisenhower

    Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin

    John Ringo, Larry Correia, Hunter S. Thompson

    James Hetfield, Gene Simmons, Kid Rock

    Mike O’Neil, Owen Pitt, Harry Potter

  9. Interesting questions…
    1. Stonewall Jackson, Phil
    Sheridan, James Longstreet
    {am Civil War buff..]
    2. Eisenhower, Bradley, Howling Mad Smith
    {Patton, MacArthur were too busy creating their own myths]
    3. Eisenhower, US Grant,
    Teddy Roosevelt
    { hey, I like Ike!]
    4. Audkie Murphy, Lee Marvin, Jack Palance.
    {first, most decorated,
    2nd a real Marine, buried at Arlington and 3rd had his face rebuilt after his B-17 crashed]
    5. Ernie Pyle, David Hackworth, James Webb
    [brave guys all]
    6. Leave the rock stars
    home with their amps…
    7. fictional characters?
    [ imaginative figments]
    ..what the heck is ‘Zombie

  10. Dang it… Now that I see y’alls input, I sure could change mine… How I forgot Audie Murphy is beyond me… sigh…

    And yeah, sub Pitts for Ryan… good point!

  11. I’m adding Ray Milland to the list, he had excellent marksman skills.

  12. Someone who would cover both the ‘actor’ & ‘rock musician’ categories would be Bruce Willis ………………… 😉 {SIGH!} Sadly, our ‘entertainment industry’ has, for the most part, bought into the “metrosexual myth” – give me John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, etc., etc., ad infinitum, over Ben Affleck, Matt Damon {GAG!}, etc., ANY DAY!!

    Semper Fi’

  13. ok, I agree….Lee, Jackson, and Forrest….Halsey, Patton, Rommell….T.Roosevelt, Regan, Adams….Wayne(John), Lee Marvin, and I guess Niven….White, Kipling (good choice) and Clavell….Nugent, Snyder, and Cooper (Alice)…Swagger, Ian Dunross, and (or course) Lazarus Long AKA..W.W. Smith).

    (I can’t believe you didn’t include him.).

  14. I’d only need one person with me.

    Actor: Chuck Norris

    When Chuck Norris gets bit by a zombie he doesnt turn into a zombie. The zombie turns into Chuck Norris.

    I cant lose!

  15. 1. Don’t know enough of my Civil War
    2. Only 2. Patton and even though he wasn’t yet a General, Chesty Puller.
    3. Any 3 of the founding fathers. They weren’t afraid to pull out a gun and stat shooting.
    4. Clint Eastwood (but younger), R Lee Ermey, Charlton Heston
    5. Corriea (Knows his guns and how to use them), Louis L’Amour, Tom Clancy. Sure, Clancy’s books are mostly poop, but the man has a great tactical mind.
    6. Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Uncle Ted.
    7. Tom Stranger, Lestat, Mark Wahlberg’s character in ‘Shooter’

  16. Mr B- good point… I did originally have LL on the list.

    Peedee- 🙂 Smart ass!

    Tango- interesting list 🙂

  17. I coied it from your blog to mine. We had most of the same pics, except I picked Audie Murphy. Can’t believe I forgot Chuck Norris, though.

    But for writers, I want Niccolo Machiavelli, Heinz Guderian, and Erwin Rommel. Gotta think big-picture sometimes. It’s a world-wide Zombie war, right?

    And my three fictional pics can kick any other fictional pics’ asses: Alan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, and Jack Harkness.

  18. *sigh* John Singleton Mosby was only a Colonel. Of the 43rd Ranger Batt.
    Yes, I’m a Virginian. We do history better than any one else.
    As for fictional characters: Mitch Rapp is a must.