Another Tool in the Tool Box…

Knives- Last night on Gun Blogger Chat we got off on knives, and I realized pretty much every one of us has, carries and uses knives for any number of reasons.

My first knife was given to me when I was either 8 or 9, just a plain old Schrade pocket knife, nothing special. My first ‘working’ knife was given to me by my Uncle when I visited him on the ranch; that one was a Case Sow Belly, and to this day, that is truly my favorite knife! I still have one and carry it when I don’t want anything showing on my pocket.

Others that I read regularly also post about knives, bayonets and other pointy implements 🙂

Robert over at Blackfork is a collector and puts up posts on knives, Tam at View from the Porch put up a number of posts, Marko at the munchkin wrangler put up an excellent post about pocket knives, JR over at Wandering Thoughts made some knife gift recommendations, and I know Jay over at MArooned and Brigid at Mausers and Muffins both too, but I couldn’t find them.. And just about ANY pocket MEME you’ll see knives of some ilk in the picture. I have other knives that are in the truck, but I wasn’t going out in the cold just for them…

Edit- I have been chastised by Brigid, HERE is ONE of her links to posts about pointy things 🙂

“Pocket” Knives-
These are some that were ready to hand, so a quick picture… The bottom left knife is kinda interesting, that is a Remington presentation knife from a bird hunt. The small bottom ‘blade’ is actually a screwdriver and choke tool!

Not “Pocket” Knives 🙂
The one on the right is interesting, it is an Explorer ZZ I picked up in Japan back in 73, it’s hollow ground and one of the best skinning knives I’ve ever picked up. The knife on the left is a Steve Wood fighter, and was used by AD to skin his infamous deer at Blogorado a couple of years ago… 🙂

Well, EVERYBODY should have a bayonet handy… an original issue 1953 M-1 bayonet for my HRA 1953 M-1. The other one is a Gerber Bowie I picked up years ago for unknown reasons, but that one sleeps next to the bed…

Comments? What’s in your pocket, closet, night stand? Do you carry a car/truck knife? How many sets of Leatherman’s or other Multitools do you have laying around (I have at least three)?


Another Tool in the Tool Box… — 23 Comments

  1. Brigid- Thanks 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better too!

    Joshkie- That works, and it’s family history too!

    drjim- Yep, sharp IS good 🙂

  2. My first knife was a funky-looking Wenger Swiss Army knife – I believe it was called the “Evo 8” – that my father reluctantly allowed me to purchase before my first camping trip. Carried that in my pocket for a few years until it accidentally got dropped in a backpack which was subsequently taken to the beach. Long story short, sand got into it and mucked everything up.

    I replaced it a little over a year ago with a genuine Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – a Spartan – that I bought in a little shop in Salzburg, Austria.

  3. Raptor- Those are nice little knives, I think we’ve ALL got a least one Swiss Army knife somewhere 🙂

  4. My ex brother-in-law gave me a really nice Swiss Army Knife, but I seem to have misplaced it.
    No, the ex-wife didn’t keep it!

  5. drjim- You’ll find it as soon as you buy a replacement 😉

    WSF- Those ALL work! I keep my Glock tool in the truck.

  6. Aint that the truth! I’m surprised that it didn’t turn up after I bought the Leupold, which is actually a Benchmade.
    And while I don’t have a Gerber or Leatherman, I have a multi-tool made by Crescent (yep, the wrench people) that serves me just as well.

  7. My carry knife when I’m not at work (long story) is a Gerber multi-tool. Used it to do repair work on guns, computers, cars, kids, and myself.

    My heavier duty cutting knife is an old green plastic Gerber lockblade folder with the tip broken off about 1/2 an inch down. I’ve had it for more than two decades. Kept it because it holds an edge better than just about anything I’ve ever had.

    And yes, I think every kid at one time or another has a Swiss Army Knife. Best little tool there is.

  8. Well I keep getting given nice swiss army pocket knives by hubby …. but for some reason they migrate back to him. Gotta figure out how to keep them!

    Luckily I’m normally hanging out with someone with a knife when I need one.

    Hey, Jim, Miss 9 wants a pocket knife for her 10th birthday – which we’ve agreed with – so I’m wondering what your suggestion would be for a kid’s first knife. (Oh, I feel a blog post coming on).

  9. drjim- Agreed! Crescent makes some nice stuff too!

    DB- Not gonna ask… 🙂 Gerber DID make some good knives, once upon a time.

    Julie- Either one of these-'Amber%20Bone'&Folding='1'&Item='0045

    The Buck is a lockback blade, so it won’t fold up on her, the Case is more ‘traditional’…

  10. I carry around a 2 3/4″ Gerber Evo Jr. I would carry a more full-sized piece, but my particular location tends to be less than amenable to that. When I don’t carry that one, it’s a Boker 3″ Tanto that my dad gave me a few years back.

  11. That Benchmade Stryker, top and center, is what I usually carry these days.

  12. Scribbler- That is a nice little knife 🙂

    Tam- Anytime I’m not dressed up for work, that Stryker is on the pants pocket. It’s a great carry knife! Otherwise, it’s the Sowbelly dropped in the pocket for work.

  13. I always have a Leatherman Micro in my purse with razor-sharp scissor and I usually have my CRKT Kiss with the gold clip I got from Himself.

  14. My first knife was a Barlow.
    I recently replaced some of the Barlow’s that got borrowed without my consent.I have a three multi-tools and assorted knives.Always looking for some thing new.

  15. There’s more knives around here than I care to list. But the two I usually have on me are a small Browning lockback and a K-Bar locking folder.
    When I go deer hunting I usually take a Buck Ranger instead of the K-Bar.

    About to buy a Bowie just because I feel like owning another one.

  16. That’s a nice collection, NFO! I have a Spyderco Pacific Salt which is always in my pocket, and if I’m wearing a belt, I have a little pouch (I think it may be a police handcuff pouch, I can’t recall), that has a small Gerber Tempo LED torch, a box of wind/water proof matches, a bit of string and a Victorinox Hunter Swiss Army knife.

  17. The only knife I carry daily is a Schrade 3-blade stockman. And I know how to use a spey blade.

  18. Fuzzy- Barlow is a name out of the past! Glad you’ve been able to replace them.

    Anon- I kinda know the feeling 🙂 Bowies are not an everyday knife anymore, but it’s still nice to have one or two…

    Tarb- Spydercos are nice knives, and your ‘package’ is a good idea…

    Paw- I hear what you’re saying 🙂