Two Things…

First and foremost- Julie’s husband is going in for a hip replacement (finally)… They live in Perth, WA, so any prayers are appreciated! Jigsaw Thoughts I’ve met Julie, and she is good people, and a shooter like many of us (but with MANY more challenges down under).

Second- The abandoned car count on the way in this morning was…

Four Dodge Challengers
Three Mercedes (including at least one AMG CL65, and one CL55)
Three BMW M3/M5s
Two Corvettes
One Camaro
So, lemme think about this…
Low ground clearance, high horsepower, rear wheel drive… Yep… Common denominator 🙂
Oddly, I didn’t see a single cheap POS broken down or left on the side of the road…LOL

The ONLY three of us that made it in this morning were driving 4WDs and one co-worker actually brought out Big Red, his old military Dodge P/U with the fulltime 4WD and Hummer sized tires 🙂

On the news, they were saying some people had taken 12 hours to get home, and multiple abandoned cars littered the Interstate, major roads, and some minor roads. I’d guessed 400,000 without power, which turned out to be dead on the money. Schools were closed in mass (as usual up here).
One of my co-workers is from Vermont, he just harumph’ed and said, “Well, Vermont hasn’t cancelled school at ALL this year, even when it was -20 and two feet of snow on the ground! And I went on line in the middle of the last storm and there was ONE home in the entire state without power.”

Which just yet again proves this area is unable to handle even the simple stuff…



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  1. Back in ’02, Anchorage got just over 3′ of snow, one night. The airport closed for 45 minutes. Otherwise, no big deal.

    Of course we have serious snow removal equipment, here. I do feel sorry for places farther south when they get a freak snowfall.

    Come to think of it, I just feel sorry for places farther south. Heh.

  2. I;m in the process of moving from just north of Philadelphia, PA down to VA, and decided that last night was a good time to drive back up for another load of stuff.
    The drive normally takes 4 hours, instead it took 7.5, but I never got stuck. (2008 Trailblazer, in 4H)
    If it weren’t for all the people caught out in the snow who don’t know how to drive in the stuff, in cars that don’t belong in the stuff (Minivans? Really?) I would have made it in much less time.

  3. I was there too, guy. It sucked ass. But I made it home, and Audie Murphy was happy.

    WV: Galin. Tea Party candidate from San Francisco.

  4. Prayers going up for Julie’s husband!
    My neck of the woods isn’t up to the challenge for the bad weather either.

  5. Rev- Anything less than 3 FEET is a “dusting” to y’all… I’ve operated out of there and Eielson, and Kodiak, and Adak in the winter…

    ADJ- yeah, minivans should ALL be banned from Interstates…

    Me- I was wondering…

    SS- Thanks!

  6. When GA got the ice & snow a few weeks ago, our van wouldn’t budge & my dad’s fancy Dodge Ram wouldn’t either. What would run on the ice? The Little Red Rocket (his $300 80-something Mazda) & my 93 deer damaged Saturn. Yep, sometimes the POS keep going & going. 😀

    Glad you’re getting about safely. Keep her betwixt the ditches!

  7. When teaching me to drive Dad took me up to his home town in western PA.
    Winter, manual transmission and LOTS of patience. Telling comment? “No son of mine is going drive like a Washingtonian.”
    To date I’ve gotten stuck twice, both due to my own stupidity. Both times I dug myself out (once with help of friendly strangers).

  8. I will be paying for Julies husband.
    I know about the hip replacement.I had a great doctor.I am glad you made it home safely.

  9. WSF- True Dat!

    Stretch- Being a Southern boy, I learned how to drive in snow in Northern Japan on deployment… Duty trucks are good for ‘something’ 🙂

    Fuzzy- Thanks! So was I.

  10. “old military Dodge P/U with the fulltime 4WD and Hummer sized tires”

    We had one of those for getting around the antenna range. I was turned loose with it in Beltway traffic to pick up parts one day Summer of ’85. Almost crushed an RX7 moving to the right lane that I couldn’t see next to me. He seemed to literally shoot out from under the front bumper of the truck to get out of my way.

  11. Thanks Jim and the others who are praying for my husband. He went into surgery around 11am our time I will update my blog when I get some news.

    Sorry to hear about the challenges you are facing with the snow. We’ve got 38degC and high humidity so I’m only slightly sorry for you 🙂

    Stay safe.

  12. Yes when I was in college in western PA I found most folks had a good car and a winter car.

    Come snow season the old rust bucket Scout or Jeep or Powerwagon ruled the road until mid April.

    In my house the job is filled by a 20 year old F150 4WD.


  13. HT- LOL not the first time I’ve heard that comment 🙂 Or done it…

    Julie- You’re welcome.

    Gerry- Yep, friend of mine in Maine has a 1957 Dodge Desoto, with all four corners wrinkled… 🙂

    CS- Yep

  14. Tell your Vermont co-worker that most third graders in his state are 25, so they can get to school on their own! 🙂

    Oh, and the house that lost electricity was the ONLY ONE IN THE STATE that had it before the storm.