Random things…

Got a little range time with Me from Lagniappe’s Lair today, and got to meet Murphy for the first time… 60+lbs of friendly, shedding German Shepard does “interesting” things to a fleece jacket…LOL

I don’t particularly care for shooting in the cold, but it’s good ‘practice’… And it looks like 340+ rounds without cleaning are about all the FN Tac 45 will take without cleaning, as it did start having FTFs, so tomorrow it gets a detail strip and cleaning tomorrow.

I was breaking in a new 30-06 and Me was trying to get the final zero on his lefty Savage Tactical in .308…

Those last half inches of scope alignment are hell… 1 click up, 1 click left; lather rinse repeat, drop a flyer, shoot two, adjust… sigh…

ME ran out of ammo, and I ran out of shoulder… 30-06 in a Featherweight DOES get your attention, trust me!

But a fun time was had by all 🙂

In other news, I’m beginning to believe the dems ARE going to try to close down the government… I think these idjits in DC are looking at what the dems are doing in WI and thinking they can do the same thing and blame the Republicans (and they are already positioning themselves to do that on the political programs)…

Libya has truly blown up, with Gaddafi hiring mercenaries to come in and kill his ‘opponents’ (his own people), and the US has ‘finally’ said they will embargo him and have frozen his US holdings. The ‘delay’ was waiting for US citizens to get out of Tripoli (on a boat that was WAY too small)…

Hello State Dept? Ya ever hear of HEAD COUNT??? 210ft boat is NOT BIG ENOUGH!!! The Greeks, with half the number of people, had a boat twice as big!

And Zercool has an excellent post up HERE on situation awareness when you are buying or selling via any list… Well worth the read, and good common sense!

Now back to gun cleaning, y’all enjoy the weekend!!!


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  1. Well heck, if I’d known you were gonna be cleaning guns, I’da sent a few back down with ya.

    Come back soon! Murphy’s got plenty more dog hair to share.

  2. Cleaning guns? I just got done reloading 200 rounds of .45 ACP to DIRTY one tomorrow!

  3. Someday, you’ll get all of the fur back out – if you don’t let it near the dryer first. If you wash it in current furred state, chances are high the dog will still be with you for years to come.

    have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for the link!

    I’m all kinds of jealous of the range time. It has been MONTHS since I’ve pulled a trigger and I’m really feeling the itch. Unfortunately, my club is still under 12-18″ of snow…

  5. Murph- I’m sure he does, and will…LOL Re the cleaning, sorry bout that 🙂

    Keads- Enjoy the range time!

    Wing- NOW you tell me…LOL

    Zer- You’re welcome, and I’d be finding an indoor range.

  6. On Libya, the Chinese evac’ed 4500 people, the US 130(?). What were all those Chinese doing in the desert?

    On evacs of US nationals…where was the US Navy? Isn’t protecting our citizens overseas one of their jobs? Did the State Dept block them?

    So many questions and so few answers. Governmental incompetency at its public best.

    As far as government shutdown. SS and Military checks will still go out. A shutdown can be a GOOD thing!

  7. Try 140 pounds of dog for the “real” experience. A good brushing yeilds the makings of many a potential sweater for a chihuahua. Daily, every day and still he can leave hair (more hair than fur in his case) on any clothing that has the right contrast. Congrats on some quality rifle time. what distance were you shooting?

  8. Crucis- 157 Americans on that boat. The Chinese are ‘service’ workers…

    .45- OH yeah… two years, and you have enough for a new dog 🙂 We were signing the scopes at 100yards, just trying to get a basis to work from, I’ll move mine out to 200 when I get a proper range. Murphy’s is a tactical so he just had to get a base zero.

  9. Cleaning guns? Mmm reminds me that I’ve got one or two that need doing – oh well, have to wait until after shooty goodness this coming weekend.

    Glad you had fun!