Osama Bin Laden is dead!!!

Looks like the US got him yesterday with a SOCOM team (update- SEALS supported by 160th SOAR) on the ground in Pakistan! Been waiting for familial DNA comparison, apparently it came through tonight! Best news I have heard since 9/11!

And even better, all our folks got out okay!


Osama Bin Laden is dead!!! — 22 Comments

  1. If this is true I hope that we treat his remains with all the reverence they deserve. By that I mean we hang him by his heels, disembowel him, anoint him with bacon, ham, and pig entrails, and then dump what’s left into a Port-A-Potty at Ground Zero so we can all piss and shit on his carcass for years to come.

    Fuck him, fuck his supporters, fuck anyone who thinks we shouldn’t treat him and his followers with the utmost contempt.

    Rot in Hell, you worthless son-of-a-bitch.

    Pardon the venom, but I had friends and relatives in the Towers on that day…

  2. How ’bout them American Warriors! It’s a great day for America my friends. Now it’s time to dance!

  3. From this old Sailor to those Sailors who Accomplished this Mission: Well Done.

    “Anchors Away my Friend, Anchors Away….”

  4. Great news! I watched the folks gathering outside the WH last night.

    Many were holding Bush-Cheney signs.
    ** Snicker! **

  5. He FINALLY got what was coming to him. It show what can happen when you turn the Navy loose in the Islamabad suburbs…

  6. Good.
    But Pakistan is gonna be a problem.
    I’m glad I’m not the one playing that chess game, ’cause with nukes at risk, that is one SERIOUS game.

  7. The best part is that the last thing Osama saw was an American fighting man looking down a rifle barrel at him.

    Payback’s a bitch!

  8. Go Navy!

    I owe dinner and drinks to my 5th Fleet friend.


  9. All- Thanks for the comments, and y’all are right, NOW it’s gonna get interesting with Pakistan…

  10. You’ve heard, of course, about the new cocktail? The bin Laden?

    Two shots and a splash!


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