More bloody shirts…

Got an email tonight from an old friend in Britain with
THIS from the Independent in England…

In discussion of the atrocity in Norway last week, there is one subject which has been notable by the almost total silence about it: guns. In response to recurring massacres in American high schools and British villages, in response to footage from Africa and Afghanistan showing ragged, untrained young men brandishing automatic small arms, in response to a man coolly murdering dozens of youngsters in an hour-and-a-half, funfair-like shooting spree on a Norwegian island, where is the outrage at the fact that the world is awash with small arms, that people are making money legally and without blemish to their reputations out of the manufacture and sale of instruments purposely designed to kill?
Human-rights agencies with representation at the UN in Geneva, such as the one I belong to (the International Humanist and Ethical Union), should begin campaigning for the manufacture and sale of small arms to be universally outlawed, and governments (such as the British government) which have responsible attitudes to gun control should be urged to join the campaign.
Americans with views not too far removed from those of Anders Behring Breivik say that they “need” their guns to “defend their freedoms”, meaning against the tyranny of government and federal taxes. They should be reminded that it is the ballot, not the bullet, that is meant to do that job for them.

In fact, there are no good arguments in favour of the existence of highly dangerous killing instruments, and millions of excellent arguments against them, these being each human being, and indeed each elephant and tiger, shot to death by them. The Norwegian tragedy should be absolutely the last straw for civilised humanity on this subject, no further excuses allowed.

Bold and underline is mine…

You can read the whole article at the link above, but this shows they truly ARE out to get us, and every other ‘legal’ gun owner; but notice there is no mention of enforcement, illegal weapons nor how illegal weapons would be stopped…

And this administration (Obama and Hillary anyway), are totally in favor of negotiating/signing the Small Arms Treaty (article HERE). 

Can this be used to circumvent the 2nd Amendment? I don’t think so, as there have been lawsuits about our rights to own guns, but I wouldn’t put it past this administration to try…

I really wish there was some good news, but everything I’ve seen is purely negative…

Y’all have a good weekend, and I hope to see at least some of y’all at the NE Blogshoot!


More bloody shirts… — 12 Comments

  1. Obama has single handedly sold more firearms and ammunition by his election to high office in America than anyone else in the history of the nation. Though I don’t think that’s why he struts everywhere he goes.

    Getting the genie back into the bottle isn’t possible in America. The police and military wouldn’t support an administration bent on any treaty of that nature. And the liberal establishment (and their proxies in the fourth estate) know it.

    Those lowbrow neanderthals in fly over country who cling to God and guns, sadly know how to shoot accurately. Where is the hope for a progressive America with people like that around?

  2. I have most all the guns I need. But I can always use ammunition, so I ensured that I stocked up to the tune of thousands of rounds in various calibers.

    I also stocked up on incandescent bulbs of all wattages, to the tune of hundreds. My cars are generally low-tech, they’re paid-for, my home is paid off, I own it.

    Just another arshole clinging, as LL points out, to God and guns. But prepared should certain personnel attempt to State Fair me due to my melanin and age. I’m not quite so defenseless as my age would indicate.

    Finally, you and I both know that the hypocrisy will ring out; guns are bad for me and you EXCEPT if you’re a politician, a personality, Rosie O’Donnell, in Hollywood, a DC-ite, a judge, an executive, a city councilman, a county supervisor, yadda yadda yadda yadda.

    Yeah right.

    You want a REAL Second American Revolution, friends, you just keep on that path.

    Yes, that’s me: a member. And still a cop. And NO, I will NOT DISARM AMERICA and I will OBEY and UPHOLD the US CONSTITUTION, not any foreign body or law.


  3. Norway has a long and honorable history of fierce warriors. They resisted their invader in WWII heroically.

    Now in two/three generations, they have so destroyed their warrior heritage that their children let some puke walk around for an hour and a half shooting them ay his leisure.

    OK, they were kids,average age 15. The organization hosting them is a holier than thou pacifist organization. I have as much regard for their parents as I do Casey Anthony.

  4. I’d wager to say that some 20 million veterans here in the U.S. won’t be quite so willing to simply give up their/our weapons.

    Most of us have seen the results of that in other countries.

    That’s why we were there in the first place.


  5. I don’t think the UN will EVER be able to pass anything that will negate the second amendment. That said, IF they ever do, good luck enforcing that. If you get across the state line of Texas I’d be shocked.

  6. I’m completely unarmed and helpless, like an old tiger with blunted fangs and cracked claws.

    It comes with my philosophy that being a ready-made victim is truly ‘progressive’.

    They can come and get me whenever they want to and I’ll willingly go like a lamb to the slaughter, like a Jew to the ovens, etc. But the government wouldn’t ever do that because they love me…right?

  7. LL- What you say is true, sadly there are those who refuse to believe it, and DO believe their own press…

    BZ- Got the guns, got the ammo, working on the bulbs and getting the truck paid off. I will be ready, and I DO NOT think I’m being paranoid…

    WSF- Good point. One of my co-workers fought in WWII with the Dutch resistance at age 11…

    AOA- Concur- BTDT

    45- I DO believe they will try. And I don’t believe they could even get to the Mississippi (at least in the South)

    LL- The snark is STRONG with that one 🙂

  8. I heard the obligatory “We need to stop making high round magazines!” at first. As if a skilled shooter couldn’t drop and reload low round clips rapidly to make up for it. And as if that guy didn’t have an hour and a half to stalk those people.

    Go ahead, outlaw guns. Ms. Clinton can keep herself busy by asking nations like Iran to give up their guns. In the meantime, we can’t stop whole groups of people from moving across our borders day after day – they really think they can stop the movement of guns back into the country? Or find all the ones we would hide?

  9. @ProudHillBilly: Not to mention the ones a half-decent gunsmith could make from scratch in his workshop.