A Truly Sad Day…

37 Military deaths this morning in Afghanistan included Twenty-Two SEALS, three USAF FACs, one Handler and dog, four Crewmen from 160th SOAR, and seven Afghan Commandos. 

They apparently caught the “golden BB” and went in prior to the strike.  Please take a moment to say a prayer for those losses and the losses their families back here in the States and those Afghan families are suffering through tonight.

RIP Gentlemen, you have gone to your reward, and you WILL NOT be forgotten by those that care.

Hand Salute!

Ready, Two!


A Truly Sad Day… — 10 Comments

  1. I’m sick of these namby-pamby PC ROE these guys have to put up with.

    It’s already dangerous enough in that line of work without the no-testicles/no-ovaries gang in Washington making it even tougher.

    RIP brother warriors.


  2. All, thank you. Andy, the ‘golden BB’ is the one in a million luck shot that takes the airplane down…