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Budweiser just replayed this commercial for the second time ever, and at the end added the words “We did not forget”…  Class act…  


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  1. There are people who are pushing for us to “forget and move on”. That is not in keeping with the 2,752 people who were murdered and the other thousands of US service men killed in the ongoing war against fundamentalist Islam.

  2. I think it’s actually a new commercial. First one had a winter scene. Glad to see it.

  3. LL- Ain’t gonna happen over here… not EVER…

    Rita- I’m not sure, but I know that it is special…

  4. LL, those … people want to get rid of who did it to us, like aliens did it. BS. Aliens didn’t sink all those sailors on December 7th. The Japs did. Never forget.

    Muslim Extremists flew planes into our buildings, LL. No PC-ing the event will ever change it. EVER.

  5. As a retired advertising exec (never worked on AB accounts, though), I would like to see someone write a commercial that, instead of eight Clydesdales, has eight huge hogs harnessed up.

    They pull a benevolent grinning Bullfrog along a dusty trail up to a place we quickly realize is Mecca.

    A USAF UH-53 (dating myself, sorry) swooshes over, hovers and two AF PJs come down the penetrators and swoop this old Bullfrog (SEAL) up and the Jolly races away.

    The pigs look around, and then all eight let loose with a bowel movement on the steps of Mecca.

    Scene cuts back to the old Frog on the Jolly holding up a remote device that now how has two green lights.

    The PJs give him a thumbs up and they all grin as the Frog flips the toggle switch (dating myself again, sorry).

    In the distance, we see a mushroom cloud form over Mecca.

    THAT was the kind of commercial I am hoping to see one day.

    I’ll even come out of retirement to write and direct it.


  6. Dang. Not a big beer-drinker myself (nothing against it, just don’t like the taste), but I have NOTHING but respect for Budwiezer after that one. Always liked their Clydsdale commercials, but this one …..well…..dang.