My FIrst Car MEME…

ASM826 tagged me with the first car Meme, so here goes…

What was your first car?  Model, year, color, condition

1963 Corvair Monza Spyder (150hp Turbo), it was black with red interior, four speed and leaked oil like a sieve… These pics are from the net, but reverse the colors and that is what I had… Mine wasn’t quite this pristine, I think it had around 10 or 12K on the clock…

What adventures did you have in it, good or bad?  

Well, I was ‘banished’ from the driveway since it leaked oil so bad (even after my Grandfather and I rebuilt it twice, and it always had a weird little turbo ‘bobble’ at the top end that I could never get to smooth out, but after we got through playing with weight distribution, it handled pretty well.  First car I ever drove on a ‘real’ first date, didn’t even get a kiss (hell I was only 15, didn’t really know what to do/expect).  Did better on later dates though 🙂

Worst experience, driving down Hwy 71 to Shreveport right after a rain; jumped out to pass a truck and couldn’t get out of the ‘tracks’ in that old concrete highway to get back in my lane due to the front end floating/hydroplaning at about 90mph AND there was a semi coming the other way…  Finally stomped the brakes, jerked right at the same time, and got enough bite to get back over, then had to stomp it to keep from being a hood ornament on the truck that I’d just passed…

Other ‘bad’ was I ran from and got away from the Sheriff’s Department one night, only to get home and find the Sheriff himself sitting on the front porch talking to my Mother (Lost the car/grounded for 2 months for that one)… sigh…

What happened to it, what’s the end of the story?  

I sold it to a guy on the Texas side, he wrapped it around a telephone pole about a month later (even with the weight jacking, it STILL floated the front end at 90mph); I replaced it with a 66 GTO 389 tri-power, 4 spd, no power/air and BLACK interior (can we say roasted butt???)!

Lemme see… I’ll tag Bayou Renaissance Man, Julie from Jigsaw Thoughts, and Daddy Bear… And… Snigs 🙂


My FIrst Car MEME… — 3 Comments

  1. A 1939 Ford flathead two door Coupe. Black in and out. Seat well eaten by rats. Got it out of a junk yard and re-habbed it with parts from other junks!
    Wrapped it around a tree on a sharp corner going about 40mph on bald tires. Also from the junk yard. 40 mph was pedal to the metal and running on 5 or 6 cyls.! Took all the salvageable parts and used on the next junker!

  2. Oh my, the memories of your first car sound rather sad. My first car was a red Honda Civic. That car was my only companion in all of my adventures during college. I sold that car a few years ago since it was showing signs of wear and tear. I wonder if it’s still being used today.

  3. Nothing can ever replace the memories you had with your first car. First times are always unforgettable. Cheer up! =)