Quick Trip…

Made a quick trip out to Indy for the short notice blog meet, and was met with another @&*(#$ Chicken Pot Pie… sigh…  You can read about it over at Brigid’s HERE.

It was nice to meet some new folks and FINALLY meet the ‘infamous’ Uncle Jay (good folks, and travels ‘almost’ as much as I do).

It was interesting to note that it was a round table, but Tam ended up at the ‘head’ of the table (back to the window, sunlight masking her movements), and Roberta ended up anchoring the table at the 6 o’clock position…

Good food, good friends, good times, it just doesn’t get any better!


Quick Trip… — 9 Comments

  1. Really had a good time. Finally met someone else who knows what “No Alone Zone” means. 400 knots at 50′ AGL! Lots of fun.

  2. It was great to see you! The Roberta/Tam configuration couldn’t have been planned any better either! Like Tam said elsewhere, we need to always have round tables for these things!

  3. Rev- You’d fit in well 🙂

    Roberta- Thanks!

    WSF- Yeah, sigh… 🙂

    Don- Pleasure to finally meet you and yes we DID have a good conversation!

    MC- LOL, true!

  4. We need more time….maybe this summer.

    Although it has been very warm for a winter here in IN.