12 Months or 200K Miles, whichever comes first…

Survived another physical… sigh…

Why is it, you spend at least TWO hours shuffling from place to place within one building and still end up wasting at least an hour and a half just sitting???

Just for S&Gs I timed how long it actually took to get everything done today…

Log in- 30 sec
Wait-10 min
Nurse (BP, Temp, Weight, Pulse)- 2 min
Wait- 15 min
EKG- 7 minutes
Wait- 22 min
X-Ray- 4 minutes
Wait- 19 min
Lab work- 3 minutes
Wait- 29 min
Doctor- 8 minutes
Check out 30 sec

Sooooo… 95 minutes of waiting for 25 minutes of actually doing the things that are required for a physical (and I was the second one in the door)…

And I REALLY wish he’d take that damn ring off BEFORE the finger wave… sigh…

Oddly enough, he had a litho hanging on the wall titled “The Day They Made The Doctors Wait”

We had a little ‘discussion’ over that, and he was at least apologetic about the wait, which is more than I can say for most of em… He actually knocked the price down a bit too!

So bottom line, at least according to him I’m good to go-
     But I need a job with less stress…
     I need to take regular breaks and move around…
     He’s referring me for my neck/back problems…
     I need to stop drinking so much coffee…
     I need to eat better…
     I need to exercise more…

Sigh…  At least I don’t need another colonoscopy (for at least 5 years)

Seriously folks, get a physical on a regular or semi-regular basis; it might just save your life!


12 Months or 200K Miles, whichever comes first… — 21 Comments

  1. Yep, it just might.
    Since I’m “Diabetic, Controlled, Type II”, I go in every three months for bloodwork and to get checked out by my Doctor.
    Everything is always AOK, and my BP is generally 124/70.
    Not bad for being a tad overweight and a smoker!

  2. Your list of recommendations applies to just about everyone. Just imagine what the wait will be like when Big Gov takes over.

  3. Don’t tell me that’s the first time in your life you had to ‘hurry up and wait.’

    As for the bottom line, we all need jobs with less stress, etc. Sure would be nice…

  4. Glad to hear your A OK! I need to work on a few of those things you mentioned.

    I must say I’m a little jealous about the whole 8 minutes with a Dr.and I’m going to be nice and not say a damn thing about my waiting time 🙂

  5. I agree with 45er…
    Your “need to’s” apply to about 95%of the population, don’t they partner?
    I must be your twin.

  6. I go to a woman doctor, they have smaller fingers!!!(And I enjoy it more)TMI….
    I just started walking outside in the neighborhood. 30 to 75 minutes a day! It has been 2 weeks, so I am no expert by any means, but 30 minutes a day ain’t 2 bad. Getting in about 1.3 miles.
    I had a shocking “eyes to a scale” scare after Thanksgiving. 30 minutes out of 24 I can do!

  7. I got a hour with the tech and one minute (max) with the dentist yesterday. Which is probably par for the course for a regular no-excitement checkup and cleaning.


  8. Fingerwave! LOL!

    And I’m following Dannytheman’s advice, if such a thing can ever be enjoyable.

  9. My next one is scheduled for 4 January. But even in the Civilian World, I expect to be “Hurry Up and Waiting” a lot. Not enough Doctors, thanks to Bill Clinton.

  10. HA!

    You’re assuming I want to live a long and healthy life.

    MY motto is simple: Leave an ugly corpse and a pretty bride.

    I’m trying my hardest.

    If it wasn’t for the damned FAA medicals I have to get on a regular basis, I’d visit doctors on-line if possible.


  11. It might just save my life?


    But I decided that my life is not worth saving.

    Someone out there agrees, for a mere $20 a month they’re offering my wife $1,000,000 if I die of illness or accident.

  12. drjim- Yep…

    MB- Kinda what I felt like, trust me… except you take that long for 5 minutes with the clerk… sigh

    45- Yep, and I don’t want to!

    Tim- Not even close! 🙁

    SS- Yeah, from some of the emails, I got off easy!

    WSF- Just take a book…

    GB- If so, you are the EVIL twin 🙂

    MSGT- That is coming too…

    Danny- Good for you!

    LR1- Yep, dentist only wonders through, but you STILL get charged…

    Andy- Your time is coming my friend 😀

    Les- True!

    AOA- Same here, but since the company is paying for it, I might as well use it…

    McT- Yep, understand your point too!

  13. Coincidentally, I had my annual yesterday too.

    Less time, but no EKG as they have an old one for a baseline.

    About 20 minutes of the time was actually spent with the doctor, mostly talking, minimal poking and prodding.

    Overall very good report with follow up for a balky right shoulder.

    And yes, the older you get the more important the annual is.

  14. I offered you the pool boy position here at Casa De La Snigs. 😀

    Although I don’t know how much exercise you’d get swimming in the mud puddle in the front yard.

    Take care of yourself, NFO. Eat better & get a little more exercise. Sometimes just that helps with the stress.

  15. My brother-in-law sustained some back/neck injuries when his Humvee in Iraq flipped over. He recommends yoga.

    Although I shudder to think what you’d look like in yoga pants.

    *runs away*

  16. TOTW- Yep, glad yours went well too!

    MC- Yeah, just gotta see how that is going to work out…

    JR- Sorry, but true…

    Snigs- It’s STILL on the list, trust me

    MM- I can’t bend far enough to do yoga… and those pants? Um… not no but HELL no!!! 🙂