Gotta love the Seabees…

This one just says it all…

Seen on a Seabee Message Board:

Piss on a Crucifix, and they call you an “Artist”
Piss on the American Flag, and they’ll call you a Freedom of Speech “Constitutionalist”
Piss on a police car, and they’ll call you and Occupy Wall Street “Freedom lovin’ 99 percenter”
Piss on a Taliban POS that just tried to kill you and your fellow Marines, and they’ll call you a “Villian”
Sure is a ****ed-up administration we have running this great country!!!!!
Be sure to vote them ALL GONE in November!!!!

Nuff said…


Gotta love the Seabees… — 13 Comments

  1. I’m thinking at least one of the guys should have taken a good ol home made shit on them. And then been awarded a medal for it.

  2. Considering these dirt bags BEHEAD people, I can’t see anything wrong with taking a whiz on them….

  3. Clear vision, those Seabees!

    My active duty son did make a comment/offer an opinion. Most definitely not PC. Of course, he defines “Hearts and Minds” as two to the chest, one to the head” three round M4 burst.

  4. Matt- That might be over the top, but agree with the sentiment…

    drjim- Yeah…

    WSF- LOL

    Andy- Concur!

    MC- 🙂

  5. Sir, it is over the top, but honestly, no more than urinating on them, and far far less than these animals celebrating in the streets on 9 11 01 after the attacks.

    What comes around goes around.

  6. Is there anybody who honestly thinks the reaction would have been any different under the McCain administration?

    I have some oceanfront property in Arizona……

  7. DM- Feel free 🙂

    Matt- True, no question; and don’t Sir me, I work for a living… 🙂

    Les- You’d make a good one! 😀

    Ed- Point! 🙂

    MB- Probably not, but McCain didn’t get elected…