.45 ACP+P talked me into attending an Appleseed next weekend, so I’m wondering if anybody else in the local area wants to join me in embarrassing themselves???

Seriously, training is always good, and I’m looking forward to the chance to get some good trigger time.  .45 ACP said they will have loaner rifles available, and the more the merrier…

W,W,W,W- Appleseed, shooty goodness, 17-18 Mar, Mechanicsville, VA (just outside Richmond)  Info HERE!

Now I’ve got to go to the range this weekend and re-sight my Garand(s) and look around for a .22 to buy that will work (not even going to try it with a lever action)…

10-22, or ???


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  1. From what I’ve read on other websites, lots of people that attend Appleseed use 10/22’s. It might well be the most popular rifle at the events.

  2. You can put together a pretty good appleseed gun from a model 60 with tech sights. A used one with metal parts is better than the short barreled plastical ones they sell now, plus you can usually pick one up for 100 bones.


  3. I use a Savage MkII, lots of folks use a 10/22. Use what *you* shoot well. And take lots of magazines.

  4. Bob- I ‘tried’ at 10/22 at the gunstore this morning, and I’m just not happy with the way it felt…

    Vine- I’ll look around, thanks!

    Zer- That is an option too!

  5. Another one that started showing up on the firing line before I left was the Marlin 795. Half the price of a Ruger and just as accurate. Tech sights or scope.

  6. If you are looking to go new but inexpensive, I have a fondness for the Marlin 795. Get a cheap scope and a few mags and you are in for 2-2.25 bills. It comes with sling swivels. Your sling will be your best friend by the end of the weekend.

  7. I mentioned that I RSO for scouts because scouts require specifics in the guns used to train. Bolt, removable mag, no semi-auto.

    You sure as hell make me jealous with Appleseed events. We got squat for that around here.

  8. I look forward to your AAR. I’m going in two weeks. I’m taking the Colt M-4 in .22 LR. You are welcome to it!

  9. M&P 22

    The .22lr version of the M&P 15. Not sure if it “right” for Appleseed but I have been extremely pleased with mine.

  10. I shot my first Appleseed with a
    Winchester 52. Next a Remington 541T HB. Then a 10/22 that I had put a Fajen stock, a heavy barrel, and a scope on.

    Did best with the 10/22. My eyes are old enough so peep sights and the
    small targets on some Appleseed
    stages don’t go together too well.

    This year I may try an AR with a
    dedicated .22 upper.

  11. Clean magazines, semi-auto, well broken in to shooter and ammunition with sling mounts. I like iron sights but I am an old fool. Can do it with a bolt action, not recommending tube fed but it will work.

    Unless you have lots of ammo, take only one caliber and if it doesn’t break – use only one rifle. Concentrate on shooting, time will fly, and there will never be enough, and you better like getting up and down, up and down, but you have been shooting before just not under this schedule.

  12. i have – and adore – a Mossberg Plinkster. it’s pretty dang accurate out of the box (and was cheap to begin with).

  13. I’d love to come down if I didn’t already have commitments. I’m hoping to get to the one near Annapolis sometime this year.

  14. ya know, I’ve got a Rifleman patch from my Appleseed weekend. I expect you to get one. Otherwise, I have the right to tease you mercilessly.

  15. I’ll loan you my Savage MkII with 5 magazines. It is bolt action, but shoots nicely. Might need a sight tweak though…