Another one from the mil-email chain…

And a comment that pretty much ‘defines’ what the culture NEEDS to be in combat aviation…

YOU ARE DAMNED RIGHT……and I want it to be “inappropriate”. 
The military is supposed to be tactically trained KILLERS, not some bullshit PC, group-hugging, dope-smoking liberals in it. Let the military get in, do the damn job trained to do, and get out. Then get ready for the next one. To hell with the liberal politicians that bog us down in their PC world…..that’s not what the military is about (or shouldn’t be, at least). I’m all for OFFENSIVELY-EARNED callsigns……here’s some off the top of my head that I was honored to serve with: 

WIMBO – Woman in a Man’s Body (Greatest dude ever, by the way) 
FUZZY – Hubbel 
AIDS – Axxxx Ixxxx Dxxxx Sxxxx (his name)
IOWA (Idiot Out Wandering Around) 
MOTO (Master Of The Obvious) 
NOTSO – Bright 

Yep, I think we had some of the best callsigns of any squadron I have been in: 
Skirt – CO 
Fester – XO 
Elvis – OPSO 
Beavis – AMO 
Mongo – DOSS 
Slope (slow antelope) 
NASA (no apparent situational awareness) 
IKE (I know everything) 
Tumbleweed (pro word for no current situational awareness) 
TUBA (tight uniform, big a$$) 
Princess (self explanatory) 
Mona (MALE squadron artist – Mona Lisa) 

My personal favorites…

Flake (Snow)
EMAC  Exxxx Mixxxx Anxxxxx Cexxxx (his name)
Snap (BAD tempered guy)
DA (DumbAss)
Wubba (Polack with a 19 letter name)

They all were ‘earned’ not self applied… 🙂

On a related note, DO NOT believe the administration or the JCS when you hear about a 300 ship (1/2 of what Reagan had at 594) Navy… It will never get there…

They are lying through their teeth, and it will be 254 or less for the foreseeable future…  Obamallama’s “300” only START building after 2016 and not in enough numbers to overcome the required decommissionings…


Callsigns… — 11 Comments

  1. For a few years, a group I was with called me ‘Mongo’. Good times.

    Gotta love a good name…

  2. Had a pilot who’s callsign was changed to “Poptop” after he took a cat launch without remembering to latch his canopy down (A-7).

  3. Whew boy, is this bringing back the memories. . .

    Some of our call signs:

    Reaper–for obvious reasons

    Matchstick–this guy had dropped more napalm in the Vietnam jungles than just about anyone.

    Zippo–Another napalm tosser. “He’d come rolling in and light you up faster than a Saigon whore’s Zippo lighter.”

    Heartless–a ground-strafing specialist who went to A10s.

    Lover–call sign earned from his frequent R&R trips to Taipei, Subic Bay/Clark AB and Bankok “houses of pleasure.” Hell of a fighter pilot. Claimed to fly the only F4 Phantom in all of SE Asia that had tits. . .

    Funny thing about memories, they stir up good ones and bad ones.

    Agree about the non-PC crap. The job of the military is to break things and kill enemies. Period. I never liked powder/baby blue as a color and damned well would refuse to wear it in the form of a blanket on my head via the UN. You keep the peace by making the other guy scared shitless to mess with you–NOT by planting soybean crops in little no-name villages.


  4. B-in-law’s call sign was SLABB.
    Earned doing a head stand at a toga party.
    He left the service to avoid be “Schroedered.”

  5. I’m kinda falling in love with “NASA” as it describes quite a few people I run into on a daily basis.

  6. No call signs in the Army Engineers. The Sergeants had a few choice generic names for us. Some of us earned special names – but no call signs.

  7. I’ve been DeltaBravo for so long I’d probably answer to it today.

    I agree on the PC crap. The military has a mission: To deter war, and in the event of war, to break shit and kill people. Taking away the things that make them good at those jobs is wasteful and stupid.

  8. Carteach- There HAS to be a story there… 🙂

    Instinct- I can see why, like I said ‘earned’!!!

    AOA- Yeah, we had a few of those too, and concur, both good AND bad…

    Crucis- Good one! :-0

    Stretch- That’s a good one too!

    MM- That’s bad… sigh

    WSF- Ah yes, the ‘choice’ names!

    DB- Concur

    And a funny one, at the airport last night, I had a guy come up and call me by my callsign (which he remembered from 24 years ago, and I remembered his, but neither one of us could actually remember the other guy’s name…LOL

  9. I was in during the ultra-PC Clinton years. Right after ‘Tailhook’ (thanks for that btw fighter-jock types). They pulled the ‘Pukin’ from the Pukin’ Dogs and Wog day was…well… it was barely more than any other day. Monthly ‘sexual harassment’ training, the works.