Rock and Roll…

This one is for MSgt B πŸ™‚ Β It should bring back a memory or two…

F-15s out of Kadena vs. Marine F-18s!

Playtime in the air, and a good look at how busy it gets up there, in addition to some good footage of how much space a dogfight/furball really takes…

h/t JP


Rock and Roll… — 11 Comments

  1. Absolutely incredible… thanks for posting that, NFO.

    I watch videos like that and think, “Man … and they get PAID for that.” (Yes, I know they earn every penny. But still … Coolest job in the world.)

  2. Man, they are pulling serious Gs. My 4-year-old sat down when I was watching it and said, “that is one fine looking airplane, daddy.” After I finished chuckling, I told her it was a fighter jet. I still agree with her assertion. Pretty amazing.

  3. Zer- As long as YOU are on the other guy’s Six, it’s all good πŸ™‚

    45er- Yep

    Andy- You’re welcome!

  4. Nothing gets a fighter pilot’s attention like he’s on your six o’clock one mile!


  5. ADM- I doubt they ever got over about 450kts… πŸ™‚

    Gerry- Yep, did you see the one toward the end when the F-18 got the camera plane? He was trying everything but couldn’t shake the Jarhead πŸ™‚

  6. Awesome video! That looks pretty strenuous, like it would pay a toll on the body to keep that up for any length of time.

  7. The music was annoying as hell. *Sigh* I guess that’s what today’s generation is into, though.

    Afterburners, g-labored breathing, radio squelch, IFF tones. . . THAT’S the only music you need to hear.

    Lot of memories came flooding back here, of Kadena, of the Eagle drivers and of -16 drivers when we used to play “Falcons on top, Eagles down low, kick ass high, kick ass low” games at Red Flag.

    You know, NFO? Us old warriors. . . we got ‘er done, but the generation we have driving and maintaining the ground, air and sea fleets are pretty damned good.

    Makes it a lot easier to sleep soundly at night.


  8. CTone- Yes it does…

    AOA- Yep the music was ‘un-necessary… If you were at Kadena, we were probably there roughly the same time, but I was on the ‘other’ side of the field πŸ™‚ And you are correct, the kids today are doing a good job!