Well Dayum…

Strange things happen, sometimes a long time later…

A couple of years ago, I was talking to a good friend (non-smoker), and I mentioned that I collected Zippo lighters.  

Today, he walked up to me at the conference and handed me this!!!

It’s a brand new (1983) brass presentation Zippo, still in the original box from the Kitty Hawk…

Never been used, and was stored in a cruise box for years.  I offered him what it’s worth, but he wouldn’t take a penny, saying he’d remembered our conversation, and the fact that he ‘knew’ I’d take care of it!  He’d gotten it as an E-6 for being the Sailor of the Quarter…

And found it last weekend when he was looking for something else.

Thanks Snake, it IS appreciated!!!


Well Dayum… — 16 Comments

  1. Wow, nice gift and what a good guy for offering it to you. Just the nature of how you came by it gives it more sentimental value than real value, I bet.

  2. Unless the real value approaches the millions, the sentimental value would keep me from ever selling.

    My dad has an SOP of “giving” me all his guns, (among other equipment) because i knows i wont sell them, or loan them to the wrong people. Like in-laws in need of a quick buck.

  3. My, my. How things have changed in our Navy.

    Can you imagine giving the SOQ a cigarette lighter today?

  4. Keads/Julie/WSF- Thanks!

    PH- Yep 🙂

    Andy- True!

    Bobby- Yep, but this one will never see use!

    Spike- It’ll never get there, and you’re right, the ‘value’ is all in the interaction to get it.

    Wing- Yep!

    Rick- Not today… And yeah, good people… 🙂

    Joe- Yep!

  5. San de Eggo in the way back (before the bridge) there was a bar on the town side at the ferry landing that had hundreds of Zippo lighters on display in lighted display cases on the wall and under the bar top. A neat place to look at history, and have a beer of course, while waiting for the next ferry.

  6. Ya, something that ties us together.
    Don’t know why, don’t know how.
    Regardless of our mission, they were always there.
    Right now, this very minute, I have a Zippo in my pocket.I have one in my pocket, as I type this.

  7. Zippo’s rock! The only thing I miss from giving up smoking is not carrying a Zippo anymore.

  8. Navy- Yep, I’ve always wondered what happened to all those lighters…

    Skul- They WILL light in a hurricane too (and on the deck of a carrier) 🙂

    CT- Yep, and I and a lot of other vets STILL carry em…