The city of Gloucester has decided to drop the Vietnam memorial from their parade route this year… I ‘guess’ they just didn’t want to be bothered…  Article HERE

Of course this one lit up the mil-email list this morning…

From: Woody
To: About 1000 email addresses… I kid you not!

Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 10:58 AM

Subject: RE: City Drops Vietnam Memorial From Parade Route

Below is my text to the Mayor:
As a Vietnam Vet, Retired Naval Officer, father of an Iraq War Marine Vet and a member of the American Legion Post 177, I read with dismay your decision to eliminate the Gloucester, MA Vietnam Memorial from this year’s Memorial Day Parade.  You do a disservice to all those who served and the 58, 000 that died during that war.  More particularly, you discredit the ultimate sacrifice that 11 of your own citizens gave.  I find the excuse of having to include a “detour” an inadequate, at best, rationale for such a slight.
As a counterpoint to Gloucester, we are preparing to proudly host/support over 750,000 bikes/riders for the 2012 Rolling Thunder.  We do so with great pride and honor for all those who served regardless of any small inconvenience incurred.
Your actions are a reminder that there are still those who only embrace us when it in convenient or beneficial for political or social purposes.

W. Cxxxx, LCDR USN (Ret)

From: Woody
To: About 1000 email addresses… I kid you not!
Subject: City Drops Vietnam Memorial From Parade Route

City Drops Vietnam Memorial From Parade Route

…..  “The new parade route, with a mustering at Harbor Loop and main ceremonies at the World War II Memorial at Kent Circle, meant that to include a stop at the Vietnam Memorial would have required a detour either before or after the main ceremonies. The mayor cited the changed “route” in her explanation for the decision to no longer include the Vietnam Memorial ceremony in the official agenda for Memorial Day.” ……

If you care to  enlighten the Mayor on your appreciation of the decision:              Mayor’s Office: Contact Us 

I already have! 

I forwarded this to MY list too, and when I tried a couple of times today to call them, the phone was ‘busy’…

Once again Nam vets are getting the shitty end of the stick, but then again, I’m NOT really surprised… Especially not in Mass…

UPDATE: 1900L It appears ‘common sense’ made an impact, along with the bad press and emails/phonecalls… Posted a bit ago.  Thanks Anon! 


Massholes… — 9 Comments

  1. We should be used to this by now, but it still chaps my ass every time crap like this pops up.

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. As the wife’s family lives up in Maine, I’m more than familiar with both the term and the concept of Masshole.

    The entire state of Mass-a-two-shits has been on my No-Fly/No-Land/No-Spend-Money-There list for years.

    I always plan my fuel stops in either New York upstate or New Hampshire.

    I refuse to spend a stinking dime in the state that worshiped the Kennedys, adores John “Swift Boat” Kerry and who kept Barney Frank employed for all those decades.

    No effing way.


  3. I was too young to know what was going on in Vietnam back then, but understand it all too well now. What I don’t understand is the general public’s ideas about it all.

    The Memorial will be in Augusta Monday and from what I’ve heard, folks in the area are proud to be hosting it.

    For Vietnam (and Korean) vets, I cannot begin to apologize for the idiocy which appears to run so rampant, however, I can say I’m sorry you’ve been treated so shabbily.

  4. I often wonder, especially politicians, why Vietnam is such a sore point. Many didn’t serve, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan make me think not having finished the one in Vietnam makes everyone want to do it again… only better.

    I will not be happy until the Nation declares war and fights it to the finish, something lacking since 1945.