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Damn you Murph… 🙂 You just ‘had’ to put that post up about the Misty FACs didn’t ya…  

So… I go read that one, and it reminds me of Ed Rasimus books about going ‘Downtown’.  Ed’s books are butt in the seat, first person memoirs of his two tours flying out of Korat, first in F-105s (When Thunder Rolls) then in the early 70s in F-4D/Es (Palace Cobra).  Ed also did a third book on Robin Olds (Fighter Pilot).

I like both the first person books, because they are from a JO’s perspective, and also show the true stupidity of the way we fought that ‘police action’… He also gets the details right on the politics/peccadilloes of the USAF policies, some of which had me rolling on the floor laughing (not that the Navy wasn’t ALSO doing stupid things). All of those books are highly recommended!!!

Next is Only Son,  written by our own Wyatt and Pam Meister. Again a well written book; a murder mystery with plots, sub-plots and sub-sub-plots, all tied up nicely, and an excellent inside look at the reality of police work!  This is another highly recommended read!

Next up is JD Kinman’s, Above Reproach, I was honored to be one of the pre-readers on this book, and it’s about ‘average’ Joes that stand up for their and other’s rights in the face of a cell of Jihadists! JD’s background has allowed him to build a believable story, and take it all the way to a surprise conclusion. I ‘will’ say you might recognize a person or two in the book!  🙂 This is another highly recommended read!

And I truly hope JD writes a sequel to this one… (hint, hint)

And lastly, since it just came out (well kinda sorta), is Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Legion, but it’s only available as an e-arc from Baen.  Once again the gang is back, and in Vegas!  Owen, Julie, Earl and the rest plus some newcomers start with an oopsie bar fight, and things go ‘sideways’ from there (as usual)… And damn you Larry for the cliff hangar at the end! 🙂

The ‘real’ book is due out in August/Sept 2012, again a highly recommended read!

All good folks, all good writers, and IMHO, MUCH better than 90% of the drivel out there today…  

Go. Read. ENJOY!  I know I did!


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  1. A few of us were complaining (good-naturedly) on Monster Hunters FB page about Legion seeming rather short, and Larry joined the chat.

    He admitted Legion has the smallest word count of any of his books so far, but it’s in the ballpark of Alpha. He also hinted that we’re spoiled because the original MHI book was quite a bit longer than the average in that genre.

    I still want more.

  2. Thanks all, and all of those are with reading! Posted from the iPhone, so sorry for not responding individually…

  3. I’ll be adding Ed’s books–all three of them–to my library.

    OldNFO–now that the print edition is available, I’ll be sending you a signed copy. I’ll even say nice things about Naval officers in the salutation.


  4. Spent most of Saturday reading Contact With Chaos (Mike Williamson)

    Must get Ed’s books…