A little help…

Snigs has this up on her blog-

If you have a spare dollar or two, please consider making a donation to CJ’s Warriors.
CJ is a child with leukemia…a really sweet kid who has been one helluva trooper throughout his treatments.
I went to school with his Dad and they’re good folks.
I’ve signed up to walk, as have my kids. So my family is trying to raise at least $300 in contributions. If you get to the site & don’t know my name or my kids’ names, shoot me a message & I’ll hook you up.
I don’t ask for much, but this could mean a real difference in a child’s life.
Thanks. :)

If you can spare a buck or two, I’m sure she’d appreciate the donation and knowing it’s going to a good cause is even better!


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  1. If you click my name Ed (Cindy), you’ll see he supported the cause.

    Thanks oodles, NFO! You don’t know how much I appreciate it!