A Twofer!!!

Today was a ‘good’ day (not counting work)…

I got a chance to go shoot and get fed a home cooked meal!!!  Yea me!

Julie from Jigsaw Thoughts was good enough to invite me out to shoot at her range this evening, and then I got to meet her family, and have a real homecooked dinner!  

We played with her 22/45, her 9mm 1911 and a little (and I DO mean little) .410 single shot shotgun.  They’ve got a nice little range, 10 bays, and they are BIG into IPSC over here.  

My sight picture and hers are just ‘slightly’ different, as everything I shot was about three inches left, but I’ve got to say that a full size 1911, shooting minimum power 9mm was just plain FUN!!!  There was almost no recoil! 

Dinner was lots of fun (and GOOD) too; and Miss 11 and Miss 9 are truly nice kids, but American/Aussie ‘English’ doesn’t always translate well…LOL  A couple of times I said something, only to get blank stares back…

etc… sigh…

And whomever on GBC said I liked my steak ‘rare’, we need to talk…

Just sayin…


A Twofer!!! — 17 Comments

  1. Julie seems like good people, on-line, so it’s nice to hear that translated into real life. Glad you had fun!

  2. She’ll be right, mate!

    Back in the mid 70s, American drilling company ODECO hired Aussy steel fabricator Transfield to build a semi-submersible drilling rig on the beach near Perth. They dug a big hole in the sand and then proceeded to build the “Ocean Endeavor” in it. In order to get it out, they dug a channel from the ocean to the hole and floated it out. Very non-traditional using Aussy ingenuity.

  3. As long as you didn’t say ‘fanny’, you’re golden!

    American – buttocks
    Aussie – external female genitalia

    Could be embarrassing.


  4. If you ever get into SoCal, give me a call. The Mrs and her son know how to grill a steak just the way you like it, and I’ve got plenty of ammo and some ‘loaners’ we can take to the local range!

  5. Rev- She and her family are, and it was 🙂

    PE- Yep, they DO tend to make things work, however strange the application may be!!!

    GFA- 🙂

    drjim- Will do!

    Andy- You can ONLY own handguns if they are for competition, and you must compete every 8 weeks…

  6. 🙂 Glad you had a good time – I know we all did. Miss 9 reckons you ‘talk funny’ 🙂

    Shame you didn’t get to come hunting with me tonight – it was a GOOD night for game!!! Maybe next time!

  7. Rooting
    USA = cheering
    Aussie = having sex

    dunny = toilet

    I liked roo when I had it, although it was horribly overcooked. So many Aussies cook stuff til it is really dead. The roo stood up well, especially considering how lean it is. I love the meat pies. Sounds like you’re having a great time. The flight is a real pain but worth it.

  8. MSgt- 🙂

    Julie- “I” don’t have an accent… LOL

    Anon- well, I WAS until the tail end… which bit me square in the butt!