Veteran dies after casting one last vote…

He did his ‘duty’ to the end…

HONOLULU – A World War II veteran whose effort to vote from his deathbed inspired thousands has died a week after casting his final ballot.
Frank Tanabe passed away peacefully Wednesday at the Honolulu home of his daughter, where he’s been in hospice treatment for the past few weeks after being diagnosed with an inoperable cancer tumor in his liver. He was 93.

Barbara Tanabe said it’s not important who her father voted for – it’s the voting itself that makes a difference.

Amen to that…

You can read the whole article HERE.

RIP Sir, RIP.  We’ll take it from here.


Veteran dies after casting one last vote… — 14 Comments

  1. I admier his drive and courage to get that last vote in…but it may not count according to he voting gurus in HI. But they will have to take the time to go through the mail and find his ballot to cancel it. A lot of time, effort and money wasted if they do. It’s a shame he didn’t live in Chicago where it could be counted several times.

  2. I saw this on TV last night. His daughter said he has never missed voting in an election. His grandson said he will remember his grandfather every time he votes and what it meant to him. A nice legacy to leave his grandson.

  3. This was in the news a few days ago. The man’s admirable dedication to his civic duty very likely inspired others. I wish the story had received broader coverage.

  4. LL- Yep!

    CP- good point!

    Joey- That it is!

    MB- Concur. But we don’t see many positive stories these days…

  5. A part of a fading generation that truly understands what the right to vote truly means . . . .

    This is what it means to be an American . . . .

  6. LL +1

    My father is 93. He’s a WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam vet. He doesn’t get around as well as he used to, but he still votes in every election.

    As he puts it, “I didn’t get shot (he’s got two Purple Hearts) so someone else can tell me how this country should be run.”

    Hopefully he’ll be able to vote for Mitt’s second term in 2016…

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