Out of the Mouths of Kids…

Presented without further comment…


Out of the Mouths of Kids… — 8 Comments

  1. Is she a Romney shill in blackface? 🙂
    She’s not?
    She’s gonna be in soooo much trouble.
    Oh, her dad’s a businessman.
    Smart kid!

  2. Sounds like she’s been well indoctrinated in every thing a POTUS has no power to accomplish. Although I guess it’s a plus that she bucked the system by promoting the conservative(?) candidate.

    Not a big deal NFO, but I can’t see the right half of your video links. I wind up going to YouTube every time. Could you devote some of your awesome analytical skills to fixing it?

  3. She has a great future in a land where individual achievement and free enterprise are lauded as success stories…

  4. Ed- Yep…

    Don- I’ll try. Blogger is NOT friendly. My bad.

    LL- Concur!

    Joey- Isn’t she though!

  5. I doubt she did this on her own. It looks like she was a hired actress. This was a professionally done piece, with studio post-processing.

  6. An A in terrorism? Give me a break! The reason Osama Bin Laden was found and exterminated is because we used the “enhanced” interrogation methods that Obama called “torture” and would have elminiated had he been president. Did Obama actually DO anything to capture Bin Laden? Hell, no. The plan was well underway, and it was the Navy heroes, the Seals who took the risks, our intelligence agencies who paved the way. If Obama had his way, Bin Laden would still be sending us messages. Can’t anyone see that he keeps saying to Muslime, “I am one of you”? And in one of his books he stated clearly that if there were a war between the Middle East and the West, he would be on the side of the middle east? Wake up, child!