No guns in Australia???

All the LWLs seem to be pushing the “Australian” model of gun control.  All sweetness and light, right???

Umm… Not so much… Uncle Jay is down there right now for work, and had THIS post yesterday…

When I was down there a few months ago, I was talking to an LEO at SYD airport, he told me they’d confiscated something like 17,000+ illegal guns in the last year.  And those are JUST the ones they caught…

Figure that is 10% of the total, so 170,000 illegal guns a year, Australia is roughly 1/10th the population of the US, so if they try a ban here, that would be roughly 1,700,000 illegal guns a year…  


No guns in Australia??? — 10 Comments

  1. But–but–but they’re ILLEGAL!

    America has been SO successful with its war on drug because THEY are illegal that legislation is clearly the answer to firearms violence. That will teach the criminal element to fear acquiring them.

  2. If they do a total ban here, I wonder how many people will be criminals rather than comply. I guess a small segment will obey the law…the rest of us will flip the middle finger at D.C.and keep doing what we are doing. All these liberal pundits that are screaming about gun control, I would love to see them lead a stack into somebody’s house to seize firearms. They can put their beliefs with their computer laptops.

  3. LL- Point… sigh.

    Rick- Yep!

    MrG- Don’t thing they’d have the balls… Just sayin…

    PH- Didn’t it though!

    Scott- Yeah…

  4. It is said an Australian can whip any two men from another country; more if she puts down her baby.

    Some of the toughest and best soldiers in the world.

    Yet, they meekly turned in their guns when their government so ordered.

    Makes me wonder how much of the chest thumping in this country will continue if the rubber meets the road.

  5. Mr G., better still: Those liberal pundits that are screaming about gun control have that stack file into their house, based on a rumor that the pundit had some illegal guns.

  6. All that any prohibition ever does is drive up costs and created a black market.

    Which in turn funds organized crime.

    Prohibition in the US led to the growth of organized crime and gave it a foot hold that lasts to this day.

    Drug prohibition funds the Mexican (and other) drug cartels.

    Guess what a firearms prohibition would do?