A couple of videos…

First, a ‘cautionary’ tale from Rio…

“Pacification” of neighborhoods in Rio; first they bring in special forces in APCs, the helicopters,  then the special police…

And they are STILL targets after pacification…

And next, although long, a good one from Penn & Teller on gun control…

They put a lot of the ‘hysteria’ in perspective, IMHO…

Plenty of folks have links up to the Wicked Witch of the West’s proposal, so I’m not going to dignify it with a link.

I’m at the point that I believe they are about to cross the particular line that ‘may’ just be the tipping point that will wake the silent majority of gun owners and they really won’t like the response the administration gets…

Just my .02 worth…


h/t JP for both


A couple of videos… — 16 Comments

  1. Hope all of your travels have reached a point where you can take a bit of a breather before the new year begins!

    As for the tipping point, I think we are as “snugged up” to the line as we can possibly get – yet I do not believe the “inside the beltway” folks have a single clue how close we are to some very nasty business.

    Hope and Change . . . .

    Have a good one Sir!

  2. Yup, Pen & Teller’s Bullshit series is great.

    The 2nd amendment is the one and only american freedom I’m jealous of over here in sweden. Thankfully our violent crime rates are far lower anyway, though we are seeing an increase in gang shootings(and by gang I mean biker gang). But I don’t think the idea of a right to carry has a snowballs chance in hell here, heck our media uncritically regurgitate gun control propaganda when it reports on guns and public opinion in america.

  3. Eia- I’m getting about a week… 😀
    And I agree, we are AT that line…

    Mikael- It is, and your laws are ‘considerably’ different! Having had the chance to chat with some of your Navy folks, they are ‘amazed’ at the freedoms in the USA.

    Stephen- Concur.

  4. As I wrote our buddy J-P, I was at a training class with a Brazilian LEO. In that year, 2500 LEO were killed in the line of duty. The police had killed 25,000 people in shoot outs. This officer who was not yet 30 had been in 55 gunfights and had killed dozens of folks.

    The level of violence reminds me of what goes on in Mexico and is way above what police organisations could handle.


  5. I think that the silent majority of gun owners are awake, and Congress knows it. That’s why nothing will come out of this. Lots of ranting and raving, and then Congress will move on without voting any proposals out of committee.

  6. It’s important to remember that, if a civil war starts, that the propagandists who helped gin it up be targeted for retaliation, also; certain rude Brits on CNN, for example, or Sunday show hosts who wave AR magazines around as props; such tactics certainly works when Muslims do it, I’ve noticed. Maybe anonymous letters sent to newspaper and TV offices, threatening Fatwas might be sufficient without further examples needed.

    Remember what Voltaire said when the British shot Admiral Byng.

  7. Lu and I went to the gunshop today to file our CCW paperwork. They were holding another CCW class at the time and it was packed. The owner said that 11 signed up but 21 showed. Guns and ammo are flying off the shelves. Primers, especially small pistol and small rifle have disappeared. A line has been clearly drawn. It only remains to be seen whether or not the message has been understood.

  8. Sean- Thanks for the link!

    Ed- No problem.

    Six- Understood, NO primers available here either… And I don’t know if they CARE!!!

  9. Sean- Thanks for the link!

    Ed- No problem.

    Six- Understood, NO primers available here either… And I don’t know if they CARE!!!

  10. Best 28 minutes I’ve spent in a long while…Thanks!