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Sat next to an old Marine on the airplane the other day, he was in his 90’s and coming back from seeing his son in California.  We talked about bases, changes in the military, and his ‘frustrations’ with the state of the Corps. He told me he’d always wanted to visit Hawaii again, was only there for two days enroute to Guadalcanal, fought through the Solomon’s campaign, was wounded on Iwo Jima, wounded again on Okinawa, and wounded again in Korea.  

Said he’d finally gotten down to Quantico and seen the museum, and was glad they’d finally gotten it done.  He was grumbling about his daughter ‘mothering’ him a tad too much…  

When we landed, I saw what he meant… I know she meant well, but he got around fine.  In his honor I present you with this…


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  1. Encounters such as that one remind — all of us — that greatness is ubiquitous in America. And that despite the dark times that we have brought upon ourselves, there is that undercurrent of great people such as the Marine who provided you with company on the trip.

    Yes, that generation is fast becoming history, but I have to hope that we can re-make ourselves despite the gloomy recent election results.

  2. Robert- Considering we were an hour late, it DID pass the time for both of us.

    LL- True, and had I not asked, I know he would never have said a word…

    Stephen- Agreed! 🙂

  3. I love speaking to retired military folks. Glad he got to the museum. It is a thing of beauty.

  4. Those guys from a different era are tough as nails yet humble as pie. I am always in awe when I am fortunate enough to talk to them. I know he made your flight memorable.

  5. Great way to make a old Marine cry. I had a uncle that was a Marine in WWII, I was a Marine along with my youngest son and now my oldest grandson. I guess it’s becoming a family tradition.

  6. There are not many people of that generation left now, but the troops who fought in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 10 years are the modern day equivalent I suppose.