Yep, we ‘have’ it…

They make millions off us and then attempt to turn around and blame us…

AND I can’t help but notice how they are playing the deniability card in Hollywierd…  It’s not THEIR fault, they didn’t contribute to any of this, nope not a bit…


h/t Frito

Edit- And from Katy in comments, another version…



Hypocrisy… — 16 Comments

  1. Again, it’s the Liberal BS. The law and life has to be changed to suite them. They don’t take responsibility of anything…accept accolades and trophies.

  2. I have a plan, lets tax the entertainment industry at 95% and put the money into mental health

  3. MSgt- yes it was…

    ADM- THAT would have been interesting! Wonder how the MSM would have reacted to that…

    CP- Concur

    Chip- Now THAT would work! 🙂

  4. Maybe we need to load their “fake firearms” with real bullets the next time they make a slaughterhouse movie and allow them to “thin their own ranks”.

    Maybe they’d say “enough” films that glorify firearms violence.

  5. I only want o know one thing. How much were the monkeys paid to say that.

    After all they are paid actors. Is there any reason to believe they didn’t do that for money.

    Jennifer had a good one on the subject of the Hollywood celebs..

    “So, shut your pie hole and dance, monkey!”

    Yes, they do dance well.


  6. Beg to differ, WSF. They are trained monkeys spouting other peoples’ words.

    And I like what Jennifer said.

  7. Oh. And a Happy (and hopefully PROSPEROUS!) New Year to you, Old NFO and all your readers here!

  8. I wonder how many of the Hollywood elite a) have guns and/or b) have armed bodyguards?

    Happy New Years!

    And may it not involve trying to find someplace to hide your guns…

  9. The hypocrisy is enough to sicken anyone paying attention. The ONLY good thing about it is that they’ve finally pushed too far, too fast … and awakened the rest of us.

  10. Keads- Thanks

    LL- Bruce Lee… Remember the ‘outpouring’ after that self inflicted wound?

    Eck!- Good question, you ‘know’ they didn’t do it for free!

    WSF- That the do, and it’s a well ‘protected’ little world…

    Katy- Thanks, others have it posted too!

    Rick- True and thanks! And same to you and yours!!!

    PH- Good question…

    Ed- Tryin…

    Rev- Yep! And I don’t think they are going to ‘like’ the response!!!