Oh, you’re gonna LOVE this one…

From the Washington Times…

At least they cover the stuff the Post won’t touch!

Law on liability insurance eyed for gun owners 

Hoping to get beyond the debate over new gun-control laws, a group of economists and legal scholars is floating another plan they say could cut down on spree shootings: require all gun owners to carry liability insurance, similar to what automobile owners must have.

But Stephen Halbrook, a research fellow at the free-market Independent Institute who has authored many books on the Second Amendment, called the gun-insurance idea “quacky” and likened it to individual journalists, in order to exercise the First Amendment’s free-press guarantees, being required to purchase insurance for potential libel or defamation lawsuits.

“It’s not feasible,” he said. “Talk about third-party criminal acts — no insurance company is going to insure that the so-called assault-weapons ban has a better chance of passing, but it’s obviously not inevitable.”

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Yeah, I can just see criminals going for this one… And what about LEOs??? Or departments???  

I can just see some insurance agent going you want to insure HOW MANY people that carry guns every day??? And how many have had psych profiles???


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  1. I still don’t get why they don’t get a very simple concept – the bad guys do not obey laws. So only the good guys will be insured and the bad guys will still go on spree shootings.

  2. On the other hand . . .

    Insurance is certainly a “reasonable” expectation for a gun owner. After all, we have insurance for everything from our automobiles to liability insurance for doctors. Expecting gun owners to have liability insurance is a good “first step” to reducing gun accidents.

    And, what the insurance companies require is strictly up to them. Physicals, mental evaluations, net worth – that’s NOT the government’s concern at all – it’s the concern of the insurance companies. If you don’t like it, don’t call your congress critter, complain to the insurnace company . . .

    Just sayin’, the antis are going to push on ALL FRONTS, and I suspect insurance will be one avenue they will attempt to go down.

    Duct tape . . . need more duct tape . . .

  3. Don’t you know, from their high, lofty, moral ground perch, any means that achieves their lofty goal is permissible. Urinate on them!

  4. +1 PH. If someone is going to kill a whole lot of folks do you really think they will say, “oh shit never mind, I gotta pay insurance on this thing???

    Probably not.

  5. Insurance is for honest people. Most criminals are judgment proof.

    And if people who allegedly own firearms (because everyone will be deniers) don’t carry liability insurance, what then? They’ll be branded as criminals? The government is already planning that.

    So the next deranged psycho who shoots up a school or a church will be taken to court and sued? It sounds as if lawyers are all sitting around jacking each other off and coming up with this bizarre bullshit. (don’t pardon my language)

    I’m just thrilled at this point in my life that I’m disarmed and helpless.

  6. I talked to my agent, the one who has both of my homeowners policies, about this. He laughed at me and told me they already covered some personal liability for me and Lu as policy holders but no one would or even could possibly cover criminal liability. It’s absurd.

  7. PH- Dead on…

    Russell- One hopes…

    eia- Concur with all, and I already HAVE liability coverage…

    Rick- It is…

    WSF- I’d have to borrow an airplane to do that 😛

    Agirl- Yep

    LL- Point!

    ADM- Doesn’t it though…

  8. I apologize for the tone of my comment NFO. What I meant to say was that I talked to my insurance agent about this when I first heard it and he told me I was already covered for most accidents and some negligence through my homeowners policy but that the idea of insuring for criminal negligence was absurd. Where do these people come up with such ideas.

    Man, I gotta lay off the cough syrup before posting comments!

  9. I can just see some insurance agent going you want to insure HOW MANY people that carry guns every day???”

    I’m thinking of an insurance agent stumbling out of the average “collector’s” (accumulator’s) house mumbling “He’s got XX guns and YY,YYY rounds of ammunition and he want’s coverage??”

    Or, taking a page from L. Neil Smith, we let the insurance companies provide coverage, but THEY get to issue CCW permits…