Did you know this? I didn’t…

Did you know this???

Can you believe this? Eleven states with more people on welfare than they have employed!!!

In La La land. Even a 3rd grader can see the fallacy of this and, of course, the number of states will continue to grow until the bubble bursts

It would appear we are doomed and past the point of no return these 11 States now have More People on Welfare than they do Employed!

And Surprise-Surprise!!! 7 of these States voted for Obama.

And California is about to go bankrupt, as they are falling further and further under budget even WITH the new taxes passed in Nov…

So will the Administration bail them out??? Of course they will, they’re too big to fail… sigh…


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  1. You really know how to polish off a week . . . . 🙂 Yet another case of duct tape will go in my shopping cart this weekend . . . .

  2. @eiaftinfo – Snopes is written by a liberal couple who receives funding from G. Soros.
    I’ve not seen outright lies, but, definite stretching, underplaying and twisting of facts to suit certain agendas.
    Look eleswhere.


  3. I knew that about Kentucky, but wasn’t aware of the others. What we have here is a few population centers and some rural agriculture that are producers, and a whole lot of people who have been on the dole for generations. Getting them onto a job, especially one that suits low education, work experience, and work ethic, is going to be a royal pain, but it has to be done.

  4. Eastern Kentucky has been hit hard by the “Recovery” and the war on coal.

    I do believe that anyone get any form of subsitance from .gov,such as SS, food stamps or unemployment.

    My county unemployement runs 8.5%, some surronding counties have been at 14-17% for months on end.


  5. ADM- Yeah… sigh

    Agirl/Robert- Same here…

    eia- Sorry, and I don’t trust Snopes anymore as gfa points out…

    BP- it’s out there. I believe Dept of Labor has some of it.

    Rev- Don’t go there… LOL

    gfa- Yep!

    JR- Yep, dammit…

    DB- Concur, but HOW to motivate them is the question… Other than cut off their welfare!

    Gerry- OUCH!!!

  6. New Mexico does not surprise me. When the last governor (not Martinez) doubled the state payroll, you knew that a herd of folks were going to hit the public benefits list when a new administration came in. Plus the number of non-citizens claiming benefits, and the number of retirees on various forms of assistance, and an economy that leans pretty heavily on government employment (state and federal) and tourism, all combines to make NM seem like a logical public benefits dependent state.