BP Alert…

And they’re off and running…

El Pres… HERE.  

Cuomo… HERE.  

O’Malley… HERE.

Now apparently (for now) the Illinois bill is dead, or at least on life support…  The Connecticut single shot bill, unknown…

And from Laura, a question about Wally World and no more ammo… HERE.

I find it really interesting that there has been NO reporting on what was said in the meeting between El Prez and Wally World… Was it threats?  Tax breaks?  Unionization???  Just WTF is going on?

Bottom line, if you don’t believe the left is serious, y’all better wake up and smell the coffee; before you end up smelling the gun powder…


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  1. I’ve been listening to conversations, here and there throughout the day, and an awful lot of folks sound like they fully expect an armed revolt … and soon.

  2. I haven’t and won’t bother to call Wallyworld corperate but i did notice a comment over on this post .


    ” KL said…

    I am an Assistant Manager over hardlines in a Walmart store. They have shut off manual ordering for in demand calibers (.223, 9 mm, .45, etc.) but not on some of the others (.270, .243, .38). It is common practice for in demand items throughout the store. You cant order from a distribution center something they dont have and cant get.”

    Not saying that is or isnt the deal , but in one sense it at least makes sense , No we are not ordering that ammo because we cannot get it no matter how much you call or press that button in the program .

  3. But he supports the insurrections by local citizenry with assault weapons in the middle east. sigh.

  4. OOOOOMmmmmmmmmm . . . . . OOOOOOOMMmmmmmmm . . . . .

    Well Crap! That didn’t work . . . .

    More Duct Tape!! More Duct Tape!!!

  5. Wally World gets out of the ammo market it works for me. It means more supply for the folks who want to sell to gun owners.

    The sheriffs in KY have been very vocal in saying the want no part of federal gun grabs.


  6. I have a nifty nightmare scenario for you…

    Based on a clear and present danger to the people of the United States, the following regulations are set forth under the Executive Orders provision, to be effective immediately:
    First, an assault weapon is defined as any firearm make and model which has been found to have been used in an assault or homicide.
    Second, ownership of an assault weapon is defined as a felony, effective immediately.

    Now of course a convicted felon can’t vote. Voila — the left can then take the EOs to Congress, and get them confirmed as laws, and also pass a Constitutional Amendment to repeal the Second Amendment, since most of us who might vote otherwise will be felons…

    Like it?

  7. I’m thinking they’ll place some out of reason tax on ammo, which they can do, but they can’t stop re-loaders and contributions to charities for ammo.

    I guess they can do just about anything, but sooner or later, a congress critter has to go home. I don’t think they’ll like the reception.

  8. Do you watch “Burn Notice”?
    The main character has a girl friend.
    We love to hear her (Fiona) say:
    “Can we shoot them?”.
    Of course she means her guns.
    Of course.

  9. Rev- Yep, and it’s NOT just guns, the debt ceiling, government shutdown and sequestration are ALL being discussed…

    FD- Thanks!

    Brigid- Yep, funny how that works, isn’t it… AND he’s giving them full auto weapons!!!

    eia- Sorry, I’m down to my last half roll.

    Gerry- Thanks!

    Ian- All I can say is DAMN… and yeah, I wouldn’t put it past them *and that WOULD take a bunch of cogresscritters out too…

    PH- Well, ‘some’ of us have BP problems… Just sayin…

    Jess- Good point!

    Ed- Actually I’ve never seen it…

  10. Could all this hoopla about gun bans be just to distract us from the economy?

  11. Ian January 14, 2013 at 5:19 PM:

    well, Obama can ISSUE that EO if he likes.

    And about 15 minutes later, the Marines from 8th & I finish overrunning the White House. Probably with the Commandant leading the way with his silly Mameluke sword. Even if the Secret Service stands (which may be doubtful under the circumstances), you cannot kill enough Marines to keep them off an “honor of the Corps” objective, unless you kill every single one of them.

    Because that isn’t an Executive Order — it is a dictatorial proclamation by an autocrat, thus it is the action of an enemy of the Constitution.

    POTUS doesn’t get to arbitraily make laws, and simultaneously provide instant “conviction” without trial. Barak the Organizer simply doesn’t have the tradition, legal authority, effectively violent power base, or stones of an Ivan the Terrible.

    Besides, while you may be a felon as soon as you commit a felony (recall that the SCOTUS ruling on shooting a burglery suspect in the back refers to him as a “felon”, even in hypotheitical arguments), until you have been convicted in a court of law, the law doesn’t recognize you as a felon.

    The ban on felons voting is convicted felons. Plenty of time to do the impeachment proceedings and/or treason trials (using overwhelming force, even if ineptly, against the civilian population of the United States to enforce a decree so blatantly unconstitutional even to the greatest supporter of a Unitary Executive, as to constitute “levying war”) before even a handful of “trials” for gun owners can be held.

  12. Anon- And other issues, nah… They’d NEVER do that…

    WSF- Yeah, dammit…

    Geodk- Well said, and hope to hell it doesn’t come to that!

  13. If you’re a New York gun owner it looks like it’s time to move.