Worth your time…

Six minutes long, from Australia on what has happened since gun confiscation…

Suffice to say it’s NOT pretty…  


Worth your time… — 9 Comments

  1. I tweeted out a bunch of lines from the vid on Twitter. Good stuff. Sad to hear that Australia is going downhill.

  2. I sent this out in an email a while back and got some interesting reply’s from my Aussie friends… mainly that this is wrong. It doesn’t matter. I am against any kind of control… gun or anything else… coming from the government.

  3. I remember seeing this video, it was released by the NRA during the 2000 elections, they had infomercials playing at night. Still very educational.

  4. LL- Yep

    Opus- There is some ‘pushback’ on that… but…

    Robert- You’re welcome

    Rev- True, IMHO

    CP- Point

    MrG/drjim- Yep