Some people just don’t get it…

I’ll see you the cute little poodle cut and the little bells, let’s see you and the dog do THIS!

And this one comes from the mil-email trail… Contrary to Wounded Warriors, its seems that our REAL wounded warriors DO enjoy shooting and if nothing else ARE innovative!

Yes, he really IS using his shoe as an improvised shooting rest!


Some people just don’t get it… — 14 Comments

  1. Hey, I can do that leg trick…and I was told “no” at one rifle match when I took the leg off and made a real spiffy rest out of it.

  2. I had an old skydiving buddy who used to bring his dog on jumps. Over time it got harder and harder to catch that dog when there were parachutes around.

  3. Man, dog, cat . . . I don’t give a crap what kind of critter it is . . . . there ain’t no good reason to leave a perfectly good airpland . . . . nope, none!!

    Cool with the whole leg-shooting rest thing. The engineer side of my head kinda exploded with all the shooting options you could add . . . . A lost leg does not mean a lost life.

  4. fast richard had me laughing for quiet awhile. Funny imaging. And that is a cool idea on the gun support. Maybe some of those yoga types can do it on natural legs.

  5. That’s the test of loyalty for your dog. Will it follow you down the ramp when the green light shines?

  6. Totally agree with eiaftinfo on jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. But it’s still cool.

    And the leg trick is outstanding!

  7. Murph- That’s not fair! Improvised should allow anything…

    Fast- LOL

    eia- Agree on the airplane thing… And yeah, LOTS of options.

    Tim- Amen!

    ADM- True and True!

    CP- Agreed!

    LL- Obviously, that one did 🙂

    PH- Concur!

    WSF- Yep!

  8. I think what’s shown is more along the lines of helo-casting. I saw somewhere that in Europe, don’t remember which country, they have rescue swimmers with dogs. If the dog won’t go in, the team doesn’t qualify. Some do, some won’t.

  9. When I made the ‘perfectly good airplane’ crack to one of my buddies in the Army, he shot back that none of the planes he had ever jumped out of were perfectly good.

    If the dog is going separately, I think that is a helocast. I’ve seen the pics of SpecOps dog teams, and the dog is a tandem jump… I gotta find the safety glasses they give the pooch, a friend of mine would love to give them to his service dog.

  10. We had an officer in our outfit who had a dog that jumped (voluntarily) with him tailgate from a 130. I know this for a fact because I followed the dog.
    Paul in Texas