Can somebody ‘splain this???

DHS is buying “Personal Defense Weapons”, but banning “assault weapons”…

And LAPD/LASO are deploying “Patrol Rifles”  but Dorner has an “assault weapon”…  

But they ALL look like this…

What am I missing here???


Can somebody ‘splain this??? — 20 Comments

  1. That one has a Bayonet lug. In California, that makes it an “assault weapon” as a matter of law, thus a felony to possess. If it doesn’t have a bayonet lug, it’s a personal defense weapon.

    You can’t make this crap up.

    California – Land of Fruits and Nuts

  2. You are still expecting people to say what is true, and have integrity and honesty.

    That’s not the world they live in. Get over it.

  3. LL- Point, and don’t forget the FLAKES… sigh

    ADM- Yep!

    Carteach- I know, I know… dammit

  4. One is for the royalty in our society, the other is for the “unwashed masses” Just who is using it I Surmise.

  5. You don’t understand. Things are DIFFERENT when you are a dimocrat or a govt. official.
    Remember that always. Things are DIFFERENT for them, not the same for the non dims or non govts. DIFFERENT.
    A politician can have an AR and it’s a sporting rifle. My AR target rifle is a deadly lead spitting murderous instrument of death.
    A policeman can have an AR and its a patrol rifle. My AR – – well you know.
    Di Fi can carry a firearm and its ok. If I do (legally) its somehow dangerous to society.
    I have decided that my Anschutz .22 prone target rifle is also a deadly assault weapon. Semi pistol grip, adjustable stock, High capacity single loading tray and a deadly murderous sniper scope on it. Oh yeah, I forgot, its got a real hair trigger too.
    Molon Labe

  6. I own a “personal defense weapon”.
    If I ever storm a beach with it, it will be an “assault weapon”.

    I also own a “personal defense baseball bat”.
    If I ever assault someone with it, it will be an “assault weapon”.

  7. Rev- Good point!

    MrG- You are probably correct…

    Brighid- Well said!

    Roger- Not far from the truth… especially with the Anschutz!

    Bob- Concur!

    Ed- If you decide to storm the beach, you’ll need the ‘other’ lower…

    JUGM- LOVE it!!! 🙂

  8. Hi Jim, Off thread. Do you read Knuckledragger? Anyway DHS has done something to his site so you can’t red any comments made as of an hour or so ago. Here they come! Ev/

  9. I dunno, what do you call the gun you use to shoot an elderly woman delivering newspapers?

  10. ASM- Personally, I’d say she was assaulted… But that’s just me.

    WSF- I know… dammit…