Questions that STILL need answers…

The following questions still need to be answered about Benghazi…

All citizens must ask the following questions and more, and demand a complete map to understand how our government is supposed to work at the highest levels in times of crisis by those who took the oath of office:

  1. Career professionals in the CIA, the Military, the State Department, and other integral professionals including the National Security Team are trained and expected to ensure all Americans and USA interests are protected at all costs. To many, Benghazi was likely the apex of their respective careers to prove their worth and value. How could so many fail and hide the realities of terror attacks and threats and as one Senator asked who was in charge or supposed to be in charge?
  2. The entire National Security apparatus was well aware of the events leading up to and including the attack(s) on Libya and beyond, so why the indifference and lack of any response?
  3. Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey admitted during their testimony that there is no firehouse mentality, the question is why as this is outside the scope of Rules of Engagement and historical training?
  4. The Benghazi annex was the largest CIA base in North Africa. The primary mission was to chase the illicit and illegal arms stream as well as the Middle East militia members. The question is how far reaching and effective was this mission for the end result to be terror attacks and death and how politically charged was this to the administration’s overall goals in the Magreb and Middle East and beyond?
  5. Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey clearly both revealed that the meeting with Barack Obama on 9-11 was thirty minutes long and only 20 of the thirty minutes centered on Benghazi. Just how deep was the commitment of Obama to re-election versus Foreign Service officers in Libya and beyond as more than 20 locations had demonstrations or attacks against the United States during the week of 9-11?
  6. Did Hillary Clinton sign a waiver to deny Marine security at both locations in Libya to include Tripoli and Benghazi despite Congressional laws against her actions (SECCA) perhaps in favor of government contractors like Blue Mountain or DynCorp and did the administration wave off rescue missions?
  7. While General Ham was in Washington, DC. on 9-11-12, who gave orders for any and all actions or lack of actions in Benghazi including the dispatch and re-dispatch of surveillance drones and in favor of what?
  8. Given that several hundred terror-related incidents occurred in Libya over the previous 24 months in Benghazi, where are the surveillance drone videos, and who assessed the conditions on the ground with regard to weapons and militias?
  9. The members of the Accountability Review Board (ARB) were chosen by Hillary Clinton and with the classified and non-classified publication of the ARB, the matter of the terror attack has been insufficiently addressed. Congress gave Hillary Clinton many questions, both within and without the scope of her testimony. Where are her written responses and those members of the ARB that she promised after her testimony?

These were posed by MGen Valley (ret) in the Canada Free Press article HERE

I’m still amazed at how Kerry was schmoozed through the nomination process, since he is a traitor to the US… And Clinton’s infamous “What difference does it make?” response was not challenged…

THIS is the difference you twit!

And when you add in the ‘controversy’ over the drones (no ‘loaded’ drones available?  BS!), and the total absence of the Prez, there are just way too many things that don’t make sense.   

I’m glad to see some congresscritters with balls that are finally willing to stop approvals until some answers are gotten!

But the more important question is, who will be the NEXT to be abandoned???  A SEAL team in the field?  A BCT stuck in Northern Afghanistan?  A warship in a confrontation with China? Another embassy???

Sadly, I DO believe this will happen again…


Questions that STILL need answers… — 12 Comments

  1. Do you honestly believe that USGOV wouldn’t abandon you. When I work ‘out there’ I provide my own top cover. It bothers the institutional dweebs who feel that I should be accepting THEIR top cover. Except that it’s not worth spit when the chips are down in the ObamaNation.

  2. LL- Oh hell no, they’d throw ‘us’ under the bus in a heartbeat… You’re dead on!

    WSF- At this point I have none…

  3. The only thing that exceeds the depths of disdain this administration has for our military is their determination to cover their asses.

  4. Do you expect anything different from the Obi admin? He refuses to see anything that has a negative affect on anything to do with Muslims. Even calling terrorist by different names.

  5. Ed- Yeah, but who’s who now???

    RR- Good point!

    CP- I would have hoped, but not anymore…

  6. It will happen again.

    It has likely happened again, since then, on a much smaller mission, involving a much smaller heroic contingent abandoned by our yellow DC PSH (Pants-Shitting Hysteric) bastards.

    There aren’t more than a couple of dozen heroes in DC tonight as I write this. And that includes the DC PD and the FBI.


  7. Yeah, it’ll happen again. And the obama administration will be too busy targeting American citizens for drone strikes to worry about supporting troops on a mission.

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