Something to think about…

Watch this and give it some thought…

If this is out and ‘public’ what is behind the curtain??? (Oh yeah, this is three years old)…

Turn location services OFF!!!


Something to think about… — 10 Comments

  1. Oh yeah . . . . I feel better now . . . . we seem to be handing the “state” and perhaps “skynet” all sorts of tools to cause mischief! Reminds me of an old SiFi book – “Colossus” where the USSR and US defense computer systems become “aware” and decide we need to be “controled” for our own protection.

    Regardless, a discomforting bit of video there sir!

  2. Oh, come on. There’s no way that kind of thing would *ever* be used for nefarious purposes. Right?


    Sometimes, “living in the future” is more than a little disconcerting.

  3. eia- I vaguely remember reading that one… and thinking it’d never happen… sigh

    Dirk- Ummm, yep…

    LL- Agree

    WSF- What about your hotshots? And concur

  4. NFO. Trucks are equipped with GPS. Data is recorded and stored for ???? Doubt it takes much skill to hack the provider’s site. That said, every new phone set to 911 only (probably that is futile.)

  5. well.. stole it and posted in to my FB page! What the &^%*, the aliens already know my inner thoughts, why not the gubment knowing where I go to visit them.