I’m back…

Blog was hacked, email was hacked, and one bank account was hacked… NOT the kind of week I wanted…

Google was actually cooperative in getting me back up, however apparently based on emails and phonecon the blog actually went down for some period.  Just now I was finally able to get access and control back.  

When I landed in LA, the phone went off with three voicemails from the bank to call the fraud dept, somebody attempted to hack not only my bank acct, but my credit card too.  

Guess I need to change the color of helicopters I use… sigh…

Thanks to all who emailed and expressed concern, I truly appreciate it… Now comes the fun part of trying to figure out ‘who’ did this and how they were able to connect the dots…


I’m back… — 22 Comments

  1. If it turns out the person(s) responsible are between Chicago and Omaha and Minneapolis and St. Louis I can offer a truck, a shovel, and a few acres off the main roads with a landowner that won’t get nosy.


  2. Good luck figuring it out. It’s good (for you) that the bank’s fraud department is on the case, too.

  3. Obvious answer if you use different passwords for your various accounts is that there is a keylogger spyware program infecting your computer. If you use the same password for everything and it’s a common word in English, then standard hacker programs can break it.

    Best use passwords with a minimum of 10 characters, both letters and numbers, and don’t use English for the language (or don’t use a language at all; a private acronym works fine, as long as it isn’t a real word).

  4. CP- Snerk… Thanks a LOT…

    BGM- Thanks!

    Rev- Yep, my madness DOES have a method!

    Bob- 16 character strong on everything, and the ONLY one actually penetrated was the blog/email According to the fraud unit, it was multiple attempts on the bank acct.

    drjim- Or as close as I’m going to get for a couple of weeks…

  5. Dang. Sorry to hear about these series of unfortunate and annoying events. I hope you can nail them to a wall somewhere.

  6. Sorry to hear this, it’s down right discusting, Anyway, thanks for the cow horse, small Texas ranch, and the awesome pickup…

  7. If the trail leads to Florida I can duplicate BGMiller’s offer.
    Besides, Fla. has gators.

  8. WSF- It’s getting there…

    Opus- Thanks!

    ADM- Here’s hoping…

    Brighid- LOL, I’d settle for those right now…

    Murph- I know nozzink… Literally!

  9. The Arizona Strip is just outside my front door and shallow graves are easy to dig. Just sayin…

  10. Glad to have you back.
    Hope you find the Perp (wasn’t me… I’m not that devious :D)


  11. Hopefully, the hacker chokes on a chicken bone and is found laid over their computer with the location of thousands of other hackers.

  12. stretch/Six- Thanks!

    WSF- It will

    Opus- Thanks!

    ADM- Tryin!!!

    Jess- We should be so lucky!

    Agirl- Thanks!

  13. If you use google accounts, you really need to turn on two factor authentication. It stops all of this mess in its tracks, unless your computer is stolen.

  14. One easy method is to substitute vowels with numbers. I have around a half dozen p/ws that I rotate every 3-4 months.

    And, if you can, add a non-alpha/numeric character to your passwords.