Flyin and lyin…


In air combat there isn’t anything called cheating…The stakes are too high….

This story is attributed to former CNO ADM Jim Holloway, USN retired.

One thing about Air Force pilots is that they lie a lot. You simply can’t trust them at all.

We had an argument one night at the Belvedore Inn, across from the main gate at NAS Pax River.  A bunch of our F-14 Tomcat pilots at Strike were arguing with some F-15 Eagle drivers from Langley about who was better at what and which airplane was better.

Well, we decided to settle it the next morning in the restricted area over the Chesapeake Bay. This is where we found out how much Air Force pilots lie!!

We all agreed to meet nose on at 35,000 and settle it once and for all.

Don’t you know those lying, sneaky bastards showed up at 40,000.

God, what a bunch of lying low-lifes those Air Force types were, showing up with a 5,000-foot altitude advantage.

Hell, if we hadn’t been at 45,000, those lying Air Force dirtbags would have had us for breakfast!”


Flyin and lyin… — 19 Comments

  1. Yep, kinda works that way. But the pilots I knew seemed to reverse the POV . . . and thought that Navy Pilots BS more . . . 🙂

    BTW, looking forward to meeting you for the class. Last night I filled the last seat – should be a fun couple days!!

  2. Is that not the fighter pilot’s motto? “If you’re not cheating, you don’t want to win badly enough?”

  3. I believe that in the air, but don’t go against the AF guys on the golf course. They have much more time there.

  4. Danno- True!

    Crucis- True too…

    Instinct- LOL

    Rev- Well, aviators ARE different…

    CP- Oh yeah, they get LOTS of golf time…