NRA Convention, final thoughts…

It was great to see all the usual suspects, and to meet new folks in real space for the first time too!

Weekend was too damn short…

We all got PLENTY of exercise (that was a damn BIG show floor)!

NRA media folks were outstanding!  And I didn’t ‘sense’ any resentment from most of the MSM media folks (other than the NYT idjit who seemed perpetually pissed off the entire three days).

With over 600 displays, I didn’t see them all even in three days.  But there was everything from low end to OMG, HOW MUCH??? on the floor.  EBRs and variants, accessories that ran the gamut from tacticool to really useable, lots of concealable holsters, ammo makers (who to a person said they are trying to catch up) and admitted they are 4-6 mos behind at the moment.  Materials seem to be the common shortfall, both for ammo makers and for gun manufacturers.

Interestingly, Midway didn’t even have a booth this year…

As for the usual suspects, we were spread out over a few different locations, so trying to get everybody together proved interesting, but it did get pulled off three times (thanks to Phlegmmy, Ray and Breda).  The after the party party was fun too, and the hotel folks were VERY obliging in letting us pile into the lobby area every night (but then again we DID clean up after ourselves).  Sadly, some folks had to leave yesterday to head home, and the rest of us are out today.  Probably a good thing, as I needs SLEEP!!!

As I said, I hope I managed to answer the questions that I got in emails and in comments, and I will just say there will be wrap up posts from Lawdog, JayG and Jennifer with LOTS of good pictures…

And one more tease…

Doc - May 5, 2013, 17-00



Well, two…



And a reminder to self, DO NOT eat BBQ beans before spending 17 hours on airplanes… Sigh…


NRA Convention, final thoughts… — 11 Comments

  1. Most certainly, beans and aircraft travel don’t mix.

    I fly internationally regularly and on several occassions have been forced to sneak out intestinal gas, hoping I could control the amount so the seat cussion would absorb the noise and aroma. One secret is to pretend to be reading a newspaper and crinkle the pages when releasing the potent brew. That helps distract your seatmate from the noise.

  2. Thanks for the updates. Almost as good as being there for those of us who couldn’t make it.

    One quick question: maybe I missed it, but how did you get media credentials? Just by being a blogger, or is there more to it than that?

  3. Glad you had such a good time and got he safe.

    Could have done without the bbq bean info…:)

  4. Toejam- Well, I just get up and move a lot… 🙂 Share the wealth so to speak!

    Tim- We requested them from NRA, not a big issue.

    Agirl- Thanks! 😉

  5. Har. Not every flying with YOU!

    The NYT guy was perpetually pissed because he couldn’t find a stereotype to write about and nobody was nasty.

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