Thoughts on Blogs…

Being an old fart, I think I come to blogs from a slightly different direction than some…

I didn’t grow up with electronic media, as a kid we had one B&W TV (that we didn’t get until I was six), it had three channels, only two of which actually came in well.

I grew up playing outside, with guns at a young age, and we were pretty much fearless.  We tromped through the woods on just about a daily basis, hunted squirrels, fished, played sports (football, baseball, basketball), and read…

We wrote real letters, and didn’t have a phone on our hip all day every day…

When we went on deployment, we suffered through 4-6 week turnaround on letters, and trusted our significant others and friends back home to take care of problems.

We didn’t jump on an airplane to go somewhere for the weekend, we planned for months to get a two week vacation and wrote letters and made the occasional phone call to coordinate our visits.  And we drove…  Sometimes 16-18 hours to get home or more…

I started in the computer world with BBS and Compuserve, 300 baud modems, text only…

And moved up to forums; guns, cars, technology…

And started seeing folks who’s opinions I valued on those forums…  Tam, Lawdog, MattPeter and others…

That is what led me finally to blogs.  I didn’t start a blog until May of 2007, six years ago this week.

I didn’t start it to get famous, or make money, or for any other reason than simply to kill time sitting in hotels on the road…

But it has lead to a whole new group of friends (and I don’t use that term loosely), a chance to meet folks across this country and around the world who share a passion for guns, a myriad of other interests, and an amazingly smart group of folks…

I still spend way too much time in hotels and on the road, and these blogs have literally kept me off the streets and out of the bars (well, MOST of the time).  And I find that the blogs offer a variety of ideas, thoughts, views, perspectives, introspection, humor and sadness that often make me think and force me review ‘my’ perspectives (usually for the better), and I’ve learned a TON from folks…

Sometimes, it’s the ‘little’ things…  Daddy Bear’s Thoughts on the day, Opus perspective from a female POV,   Julie and Pax view from an Aussie perspective, Brigid simply for her evocative writing (and our being able to reconnect after mumble years),  Jay G for his rants, Chris Muir and his fantastic Day by Day cartoon. Oleg for his photography and his perspective on America as seen from his Russian upbringing; LL, Duke, MSgtB, Murph, and the other LEO/mil/ex-mil bloggers for their varied perspectives and humor…

I could go on and on about those on my sidebar, but you get the idea.  And then there are the writers, Larry Correia, Marko, Michael Williamson, and now Peter

I can remember reading Larry’s stuff on TFL, THR and other places, and being amazed he hadn’t been published… And now, well he done good!

And the other thing is the giving nature of ‘our’ little corner of the net… Not just the money, but the caring; the support (real and via comments and emails) to those in need, the willingness to reach out to others and give them that proverbial shoulder to cry on, bitch at, etc…

And a special thanks to Barron for the willingness to host this blog and help me through the transition to WordPress, without his generosity, I wouldn’t be doing this post today…

And the blog meets!  A chance to meet folks in real space, shoot nice toys, eat way too much good food, and the conversations!!! You’d need to be a two year old on a sugar high to keep up with the multiplicity of conversations and the depth/breadth of them!!!

And this is already way too long, but I really want to thank all three of my loyal readers for reading my random brain droppings over the past six years… I truly appreciate all of those who take the time to stop by, comment and occasionally poke me (and correct me when I screw it up)…


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  1. Me, too.

    Met a bunch of good people out there, Ace, Glenn, Say Uncle, Tam, and many more!

    Blogs are special.

  2. A huge benefit to starting my blog, one I never counted on, has been the people I have met.

    Truly a rare and phenomenal breed!

    You already know I love coming here!!

  3. Very glad to have met you sir, and very honored you are willing to share your experiences with the rest of us.

  4. Six years.

    I can’t help but wonder when the other shoe will drop and conservative bloggers will be shut out of the Internet. Freedom of Speech does not favor a tyrant.

  5. I still haven’t figured out the winner in the blog deal. I love to read others, and I just have to write something off my mind on to the world (which isn’t really beating a path to my door). Still, like the lady making pillows, they only call to soften the world, no one cares who made them.

    Your blog is great, having met some of the others – there are potentials not mined, yet. Thanks for dinner.

  6. And thank you very much for what you bring to the table, in wit, charm and generosity. You’re an example to the rest of us, Sir.

  7. I’m honored when you visit.
    I’m entertained and enlightened by your posts.
    Thank you and congrats on your blogoversary.

  8. Jim, it has been/ will be a great pleasure to read you.
    You mention learning from blogs, yours is at the top.
    Well done sir.

  9. Agirl- The feeling is mutual!

    Mark- And the same sir!

    LL- No it doesn’t, but I’ll keep putting my drivel out there until…

    Earl- You’re welcome Sir!

    Peter- I’m just a peon in the blogsphere… but thanks!

    WSF- At least I’m good for something…LOL

    Ed- Thanks!

    Skip- Appreciate that Sir!

  10. Hey man,

    We keep coming back here every day because you’re one of the best of the best on the net…and you’re pretty cool in person, too.

  11. This is one of the blogs I look forward to everyday, though I don’t comment on every post. And you do know and follow some very interesting people. Although I look forward to meeting you one day, I feel you may fall asleep at the table… nothing interesting or exciting here. Just keep up the good work as best you can from all over the world. And congrats on six years of blogging, too.

  12. Your pretty darn good at this blogging for an old guy… I sure hope your up to it for many more years.

  13. NFO. I am a better person for meeting you in this space and then in person. I cannot say how much this Blogging thing has expanded my circle of friends and I look forward to shooting with you again!

    Glad to know you and you are welcome here anytime!

  14. Murph- I’m gonna save the watch, the shoes are already brown 🙂

    Christina- Thanks!

    CP- We all have interesting stories… 🙂

    Brighid- Thanks Lady!

    Keads- Appreciate that!

  15. Six years?

    That makes you a Methuselah on the internets, old man.

    I’ll let you know when I get a range membership and full set-up down here. You’ll have to stop by sometime, maybe once the leisure-police catch up with you and make you move to Florida.

  16. Congrats Jim!! You’re site is one of the bright spots I visit every day! It’s simply a fun read. And meeting you in person felt as though I’d known you for a lifetime . . .

    Looking forward to your next post and our next visit!

  17. Congrats on your Blogiversary! I enjoy reading you every day, I’m pleased when you leave comments on my blog and meeting you in the real world has been a true honour.

    Here’s to many more years of blogging!

  18. It was indeed good to reconnect, and I was so glad that flying in the back of my aircraft with dozens of others packed in like cordwood didn’t make you go grey before your time 🙂

    Happy Blogiversary my dear friend.

  19. It’s been my absolute pleasure to come to know you via your blog, and look forward to meeting you face-to-face some fine day.

    Happy Blogiversary!

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  21. So, I guess this is my 3rd lurkiversary since I’ve been reading your blog since 2010. It’s always a pleasure to stop by – many happy returns of the day!

  22. MSgt- I feel like that some times, trust me 🙂

    Bill/Julie- Thank you!

    Brigid- Well, “I” didn’t get a window seat, so I didn’t worry… 🙂

    Rev- Thanks!

    Rick- LOL

    Wyatt- THANKS!

    MRsC- LOL Thank you Lady!

  23. You, Jay, Tam, the Atomic Nerds, and a bunch of others are why I got started. It’s been great to get to know you and everyone else, both here and in meatspace.

    Here’s to years to come of friendship, bad jokes, and telling war stories.

  24. DB- Other than Tam, I don’t know if we’re GOOD or BAD examples…LOL Thank you sir!!!

  25. Congratulations on six years! That’s a long haul for a blog. Keep up the good fight!

  26. Congrats to a very worthy gentleman, sir! Thank you for your service AND your blogging!!!

  27. Happy 6th, being the 6th anniv. it is represented by Iron. Shootin’ iron maybe?

      • I know right! I am thinking of dragging down the reloading equipment from the attic where its been for wayyyy to long. Good business opportunity also.

  28. Congrats on a blog that has longevity, you don’t find many out there that stick around 🙂

  29. Who knew we’d find a family out here on the internet?
    It has been a real pleasure getting to know you and the many others out there. I look forward to the next time we can get together.