Research, not emotions…

The worst thing that can happen to an agenda on a roll is for real research to come out that contradicts the emotion of the agenda and shines the light of reality on the agenda…

That is what the latest Pew Report does for homicide rates-

SDT-2013-05-gun-crime-1-1 SDT-2013-05-gun-crime-1-2


Now go ask the random person on the street if they know this…

Bet they don’t, because the MSM is NOT willing to cover this and upset the gun control agenda being spawned by the administration, Joe Biteme, and Bloomie…

Does this make you wonder about who’s side the media is on? “I” for one am confident they are NOT on our side.  And we all hear rumors about the ‘censorship’ coming to the Intarwebz… What if information gets treated like the Liberator files???

Will there still be a signal???


Research, not emotions… — 10 Comments

  1. I was having a similar conversation yesterday regarding the censoring of information on the internet.

    I believe that we will soon see more restrictions about what can / can’t be posted here Australia as there are more and more reports lately about the ‘harm that postings on the internet can do’.

    Will the signal still get out? I hope so .. I really hope so.

  2. I never really imagined that I would see such an amazing suppression of facts — willingly abetted by our American Media Maggots — alongside a concomitant diminishing of our rights.

    My parents and grandparents surely would not recognize this country today.

    However, if DC thinks I am going to recede without any kind of pushback or — if pushed too far — a FIGHT, then they would be sadly mistaken.


  3. I’ve been seeing this all over Facebook lately, so perhaps it’s another reason why we’re told that Obeyme “hates” social media. It’s the only source he can’t control.


  4. When the safety of the children really isn’t the goal, facts are not important. Have to bury the facts in order to get control over the people.

  5. Facts…Did you say facts…? To the obamamedia, there is no facts…just what is useful to push the agenda of the chosen one. Gotta disarm the people so they will surrender the rest of their rights to the government for supposed security. Gotta get them dependent so the gov can do what ever it wants to push the socialist utopia that is just over the horizon.


    Julie- Understood… dammit…

    PH- Sadly, that is true today!

    BZ- Agreed!

    Rev- Good point!

    Agirl- Good point too!

    WSF- Yep!

    Rick- That they are…

    Bob- Yeah, right…