Memorial Day celebration…

We (Murphy and I) did it a bit differently, we went shooting…

Specifically, old WWII rifles and pistols…

He’ got a post up HERE, and here’s one pic of all the rifles together.



Murphy’s SC 03A3 is missing because he was shooting it at the time.  Four old warriors that still work and will put rounds on paper or anything else you want!!!

And for those who don’t believe you can load 2 rounds in an 8 round clip- Here ya go…


They load just fine.

And Murph was good enough to take me up for a ride in his plane.  We visited the bridge at Antietam Battlefield and Harper’s Ferry.

Here’s an overview of the battlefield. This is from on top the observation tower, looking back toward the main building and Dunker Church (the small white building center of the frame across the road).


This is Dunker Church at the battlefield. It’s the small white building across the road at top center of the frame.


Burnside Bridge, one of the bloodiest battle grounds… Looking down the creek toward the main battle.


And here’s Harper’s Ferry and the confluence of the Shenandoah and the Potomac. The Shenandoah is the dirty one on the left.


Good friends, good shooting (pistols, the rifles sucked; actually “I” sucked the rifles shot fine), good food and a little time in the air.  It’ doesn’t get much better.  And I can’t think of a better way to remember those who did not make it back.  Salut!!!


Memorial Day celebration… — 12 Comments

  1. Nice Memorial Day, and if your rifle shooting isn’t up to at least 4 MOA you can send the fine mechanical portion to this biologic addition and I will happily make it sing. But then I know you know how to correct the biologic portion you were adding to the rifle today. Hope you have ammunition and opportunity to do so. Always, Earl

  2. Earl- Too much coffee… THAT was the bio problem! Ammo’s getting a bit skoshi, but I’m checking for more pretty much on a weekly if not daily basis.

  3. Dang..

    Y’all had a good time:) This wants me to break out my “old” rifles and take them for a spin at the range this Friday when I take my son out of school(Last day) as a celebration for a good year. I havn’t fired my 03A3 in years along with the enfields. I may take all three out for a spin along with my sons .22LR I just got to locate some 303 British to feed the Enfield.

  4. I’ve never seen someone load two in a Garand clip like that..learned my new thing for today.

    • Don- It works, and when you load the clip, they flip around to the correct orientation! 🙂 Saves buying a sled…

  5. Keads- It was, thanks!

    Rev/Guffaw- Fun was had!

    Bob- Do it! And be prepared for a lot of folks to be watching… 🙂

  6. I’m so jealous. But my granddaughter is cuter than you and ML.